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A highly competitive exam such as NEET demands speed and accuracy which primarily revolves around effective time management skills at the exam. This only comes with regular practice and incessant revisions. For this, we at BYJU’S have collated a set of MCQs on all NEET concepts which can be explored here.

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NEET has the following sections – Physics, Chemistry and Biology. As a subject, Physics requires a distinct theoretical clarity for its application on numericals, derivations, formulae and more. This can be exercised here in the NEET Physics MCQs section provided.

With NEET Chemistry MCQs section students can delve into hundreds of questions appearing in the previous years and also gauge the importance of topics. One can also master their footholds on chemical reactions, bonds and more, covered here in different sub-sections of Chemistry i.e., Physical, Organic and Inorganic Chemistry.

An indispensable part of NEET exams is the NEET Biology section covering 50% of the marks. 90 questions are included from the biology section comprising Botany and Zoology sub-section, which can be achieved with Biology MCQs covered here.

NEET Biology MCQs:

MCQs on Structure of Eye MCQs on Human Brain
MCQs on Ecosystem MCQs on Life processes
MCQs on Biodiversity MCQs on  DNA Structure
MCQs on Enzymes MCQs on Carbon cycle
MCQs on Parthenocarpy MCQs on Haemophilia
MCQs on Kingdom Fungi MCQs on Parts Of Plants
MCQs on Parenchyma Cells MCQs on Amoebiasis
MCQs on Apiculture MCQs on Thalassemia
MCQs on Amniocentesis MCQs on Diversity in Living World
MCQs on Plant Systematics MCQs on Thyroid Gland
MCQs on Plant Taxonomy MCQs on Coronary Artery
MCQs on ECG MCQs on Muscular Dystrophy
MCQs on Meiosis MCQs on Morphology of a Bacteria
MCQs on Fermentation MCQs on Hydroponic System
MCQs on Cell Cycle Phases MCQs on Plant Hormones
MCQs on Mendelian Disorders in Humans MCQs on Down Syndrome
MCQs on Structural Organization in Plants and Animals MCQs on Cell Structure And Function
MCQs on Animal Husbandry MCQs on Microbes in Human Welfare
MCQs on Genetic Diversity MCQs on Plant Physiology
MCQs on Animal Cell MCQs on Spermatogenesis
MCQs on Protista MCQs on Lipids
MCQs on Pteridophyta MCQs on Apomixis
MCQs on Seed Germination

NEET Chemistry MCQs:

NEET Physics MCQs:

MCQs on Optics
MCQs on Current Electricity MCQs on Electromagnetic Induction And Alternating Currents
MCQs on Oscillations and Waves MCQs on Electro Statistics
MCQs on Laws Of Motion MCQs on Thermodynamics
MCQs on Physical World and Measurement MCQs on Kinematics
MCQs on Gravitation MCQs on Work Power and Energy

BYJU’S offers students to access a plethora of study material and the latest on NEET as well. Stay tuned to explore more.

NEET Subject wise MCQs

NEET Biology MCQ
NEET Zoology MCQ
NEET Physics MCQ
NEET Chemistry MCQ

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