MCQs on Animal Husbandry

The branch of agriculture concerning with the production and care of domestic animals is referred to as animal husbandry. It is the science of farming of animal livestock that involves breeding, caring and overall management of livestock. It is a large scale business where animals, which produce food are bred, reared, sheltered and cared in a farm or such areas which are specifically designed for them.

1. The first cloned sheep ‘Dolly’ was created through which of these techniques?

(a) Nuclear transfer

(b) Gene transfer

(c) Germinal cell transfer

(d) Somatic cell transfer

Answer: (d)

2. Polenske value of milk is due to

(a) Fats

(b) Water-soluble fatty acids

(c) Water-insoluble fatty acids

(d) Proteins

Answer: (c)

3. Lactose found in milk is a disaccharide composed of

(a) Glucose and glucose

(b) Glucose and fructose

(c) Maltose and glucose

(d) Galactose and glucose

Answer: (d)

4. The lightest body weighed goat is

(a) Beetal

(b) Barbari

(c) Jamnapari

(d) Toggenburg

Answer: (b)

5. This method is carried out for the castration of male pigs

(a) Burdizzo

(b) Hot iron

(c) Knife

(d) Elastrator

Answer: (c)

6. The chemical nature of Estrogen is

(a) Amino acid

(b) Protein

(c) Fatty acid

(d) Steroid

Answer: (d)

7. In animals, Grass tetany is caused due to deficiency of

(a) Silicon

(b) Sodium

(c) Magnesium

(d) Selenium

Answer: (c)

8. Strip cup is used

(a) Just after milking

(b) Just before milking

(c) At the middle of milking

(d) Anytime during milking

Answer: (b)

9. ‘Curled toe paralysis’ in chicks is a symptom caused due to the deficiency of

(a) Phosphorous

(b) Sulphur

(c) Niacin

(d) Riboflavin

Answer: (d)

10. The fleshy evident mass found between the forelimbs of cows is known as

(a) Rump

(b) Flank

(c) Brisket

(d) Dewlap

Answer: (c)


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