IIT JEE Maths Study Material

JEE Maths Study Material

To be an expert in JEE Mathematics, it is absolutely necessary to practice well with questions of different types to gain mastery over the subject. As the age old saying goes- “Practice Makes a Man Perfect”, hence students have to practice, practice and practice till they gain perfection.

Once they have practiced enough, students naturally will be excited to attempt all questions in one shot. This approach, however, would work better if students are pretty sure about the answers in the question paper. A better strategy would be to categorize questions as per their difficulty level viz. easy, medium and difficult ones. Begin with the easy question and then to the medium ones and save enough time to attempt the difficult questions. The best part of this strategy is that it would help students to score higher while avoiding the possibility of negative marks.

Apart from strategizing the answer plan, time management has a direct influence on the JEE score. To score well in the exam, it would be ideal to solve the majority of math questions within 1 hour and 20 minutes.

Percent wise weightage of topics:

Mathematics is one of the wonderful creations of the human mind that helps us to build our reasoning capabilities. For IIT JEE math the syllabus contains important topics like algebra, trigonometry, calculus and so on which should be attentively covered by students. Here are some important topics students have to watch out for:


The topic Algebra is known to all, owing to the same being one of the core foundational topics in the subject. Also recognized as one of the high scoring domains for JEE Math, this topic is a really interesting one and requires good computational speed. To excel in this domain, students have to understand the basic concepts clearly to tackle tricky questions.The important topics that come under algebra include:


Calculus is undoubtedly the highest important topic for the JEE exam as this topic has the largest influence on modern-day mathematics. There are two branches for this domain viz. integral and differential calculus. The study of calculus could be termed as the study of change which is quite similar to geometry being the study of shapes and study of operations done by algebra. The main topics under calculus include:

Differential Calculus and Integral Calculus


The domain of Trigonometry is recognized by everyone as one of the core math topics and has its own significance in the JEE Maths section. The ratios and functions of trigonometry are used frequently in questions during the exam. Once students have a good grip on the basic concepts in this topic, they will be on the way to score really well in the exam. For further details on JEE mathematics, tips and videos lectures on how to crack the exam, visit BYJU’S.

IIT JEE Algebra

Integral Inequalities

Practise This Question

If ABCD is a parallelogram, then the angle bisectors of A and D meet at ‘O’. The measure of AOD is 45