Meghalaya Board Of School Education (MBOSE)

The Meghalaya Board of School Education also known as MBOSE first started in 1973, Headquarters at Tura. The board was set up as per the 1973 MBOSE Act. The board regulates, controls and look after the matters associated with the education in the affiliated schools in Meghalaya.

MBOSE handles all the academic matters related to the framing of the syllabus for all the classes, including SSLC (Class 10) and HSSLC (Class 12). The board also provides distance education to the students from class 8 to 12 for the schools that are affiliated to the Meghalaya Board Of School Education.

Meghalaya Board Of School Education Meghalaya Board Of School Education (MBOSE)
Formation 1973
Headquarters Tura, India
Official language English
Type State Governmental Board of Education

Exams conducted by Meghalaya Board

The Meghalaya board of school education conducts two of the most widely taken exams in the state which include SSLC (Class 10) and HSSLC (Class 12) exams every year. An overview of each of these exams is given in the following points.


Meghalaya Board Of School Education or MBOSE conducts the SSLC Exam for the students of Class 10. The board supervises, regulates, and conducts the Class 10 exam in the state of Meghalaya.

MBOSE SSLC Exam Statistics
Year Overall Pass % Girls % Boys % No. of Students Appeared
2018 83.89 83.41 84.49 50,077
2017 54.10 79.12 80.84 50,974


The Meghalaya Board conducts the HSSLC Exam for the students of Class 12. MBOSE also supervises, regulates, and conducts the Class 12 examination in the state of Meghalaya.

MBOSE Pass Percentage Pattern
Year Class 10 (SSLC) Class 12 (HSSLC)
2018 83.89
  • 74.58 (Science)
  • 81.62(Arts)
  • 79.84 (Commerce)
2017 54.04
  • 76.76 (Science)
  • 75.38 (Arts)
  • 71.87 (Commerce)

Meghalaya Board Textbooks

MBOSE is committed to quality education for the holistic development of all students. The textbooks are prepared by subject experts according to the latest curriculum of the board.

MBOSE Syllabus

The Meghalaya board designs the syllabus for all the classes and schools affiliated to the board. Each and every school affiliated to the MBOSE must follow the curriculum prescribed by the board. To know in details about MBOSE syllabus visit the link provided.

Meghalaya Board Exam Resources

Sample Papers Model Papers
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