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He has been trying to master the English Language for so many weeks now.

Not sure if you should use ‘have’ or ‘has’? Don’t know why you cannot use ‘have’? 

Try reading through the various topics given below. Know all about what, why, where and how to use the right verbs in the right places in the right formats. Learn how to frame sentences that do not just seem right but sound perfect. Make sure your sentences look and sound like they have always existed. The more you learn, the more there is to be learnt. How to Learn English will help you with a structured pattern to learn the English language easily and effectively.

Letter Writing

Article Writing

Speech Topics for Kids

Environment Day Speech Speech on Mahatma Gandhi
Speech About Friendship Speech on Teachers
Speech on Education Vote of Thanks Speech in English

Slogans for Kids

English How to Articles,

English Language through the Ages

The English Language belongs to the Indo-European family of languages. The outstanding characteristics that indicate the Indo-Europeanness of the languages belonging to the family are its structure and vocabulary. The English language came into being in the Anglo-Saxon period, which has been replaced by the term ‘Old English’. The evolution of the English language can be said to be in three stages – Old English (from the earliest works till 1100), Middle English (from 1100 to 1450) and Modern English (from 1500 to the Present Day). The English language has been changing from day one. It has been evolving and will continue to do so with the changing time and scenarios. From having an inflexional system that was relatively full to lesser or no inflexions at all, the English language has been sculptured to become what it is today. 

Learning the Global Language

Language is generally used to express one’s thoughts and feelings in words, in written or spoken form. Language can ease the channel for communication and allow the spontaneous flow of thoughts. Language can be used to state facts as well as to arouse feelings. 

With British rule that captured almost the whole of the world, the English language also became the most common language learnt and known by all. In a country like India, where every state has a different language, it is easier to learn the English language than learn the many different languages spoken in and around the country.

English has become the prime language of communication in the fields of education, industry, business and power. An individual who is well-educated and has a good command of the English language is the one who would be a good fit for any kind of job. We find a lot of young graduates who fail to clear interviews just because they lack good English communication. People pay to learn basic English language skills just to be able to prove their credibility in a field of work they are otherwise suitable for. 

It is good that you have made a decision to master the art of good communication before it is too late. Start your journey to master the English language now.


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