Letter to Your Friend about Lockdown

LOCKDOWN – a word that scares all of us and may be desired by some. COVID-19 changed all our lives forever. We have all wished that we could tell someone dear to us about everything that we went through during lockdown, both good and bad. Try writing a letter to your friend about lockdown by referring to the letter samples in this article.

Letter to Your Friend about How You Have Been Spending Your Lockdown

Phase 3, Indira Nagar

Bangalore – 560034

15th July, 2020


Dear Sabrina,

I was so excited to receive your letter. We are all fine here. Hope all of you are keeping well.

The lockdown had been excruciating in the beginning. I was able to manage, but Dylan was going crazy being at home. However, with time, he also got used to it. We used to play badminton in the evening around 5 and watch some movies during the day. At night, after dinner, all four of us used to play carrom. It was a stress reliever and some family time together. This was fun initially. We tried doing different activities to keep us occupied. I learnt baking. I make cookies and cakes now. I also learnt to cook all our favourite dishes, including pasta and momos. I also started making handmade gifts.

Just hoping that the lockdown would be lifted soon so we could catch up. Waiting eagerly to know how you spent your lockdown.

Convey my regards to uncle, aunty and Derick.

With love,


Letter to Your Friend Expressing Concern over Extended Lockdown in Their Area

2B, Max Street

Anna Nagar

Chennai – 600028



My dear Zakir,

How are you and everyone at home? I read the news that lockdown is being extended in your area due to the increasing number of covid cases, and I was concerned about all of you.

How is the situation there? Is it as bad as it is being portrayed in the news? I know that the situation is becoming worse day by day due to heavy rains and floods on top of it. If you require anything, please let me know. If possible, try to come home. You can stay here along with your family till everything is sorted out. Let me know what you think of it. We would like to help you out in every way possible.

Waiting for your response.

Your loving friend,



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