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There are three main types of tenses, i.e. present, past and future. Now, these three main tenses are subcategorised into four different tenses depending on how the verb is used in the sentence. One such subcategory is the continuous tense. What does one understand by the word continuous? Continuous means in action, i.e. the action/event is or was or will be going on at a particular time. This article will help one understand the three different types of continuous tenses with examples.

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Present Continuous Tense with Examples

As we all know, the present tense denotes those actions which are already in motion or are practised habitually by someone. For example, “I go to school.” Here, ‘go’ is an example of the present tense verb. Present continuous tense denotes actions/events that are already in progress while we speak about them.

  • Children are going to school.
  • The boys are playing in the park.
  • The baby is crying out loud.
  • It is raining now.
  • I am cooking pasta for lunch.
  • Miss Peters is teaching the class.

‘Are’ is used in the case of plural subjects, whereas ‘is’ is used if the subject is singular in nature.

Past Continuous Tense with Examples

The past continuous tense is used to denote an action that was going on at some point in the past and has been completed.

  • We were watching the match.
  • I was studying at the library yesterday.
  • It was raining heavily on Wednesday.
  • The child was crying all night.
  • They were driving all day long.
  • My friends were waiting for the bus.

Future Continuous Tense with Examples?

The future continuous tense refers to those actions which will be in progress/motion at some point in the future.

  • It will be raining from tomorrow.
  • I will be watching the series today.
  • They will be staying at my place.
  • The parcel will be arriving soon.
  • The doctor will be coming tomorrow.
  • The Prime Minister will be visiting the museum tomorrow.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Continuous Tense Examples


What is continuous tense?

When in a sentence, the verb denotes an action/event is or was or will be going on at a particular time, then it’s called a continuous tense.


What are the three types of continuous tense?

Continuous tense can be divided into three types depending on the time of action, i.e. present continuous tense, past continuous tense and future continuous tense.


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