Writing a Letter to Your Friend

Friends are the people we go to every time we are happy or sad, angry or excited, successful or unsuccessful. They happen to be our mood enhancers and our unpaid therapists. No matter what the issue is, they always have a solution for us.

Have you ever wondered how exciting waiting for a letter would be? In this age of emails and WhatsApp messages, if you can still write letters to your dearest friends, that would be the best thing you have ever done for yourself and for your friends because handwritten letters are wonderful keepsakes. Writing letters to your friends does not take much effort. All you should have in hand is a paper, a pen and an envelope with a stamp to send it across.

Go through the following to have a better understanding of the process of writing a letter.

How to Write a Letter to Your Friend?

When you write a letter to your friend, you can keep it as simple and casual as possible. You can write about anything you want to, not just matters of utmost importance. As long as you give the correct address and phone number, it will definitely reach your friends.

Steps to Follow When Writing a Letter to a Friend

  • You can start the letter with your address and date.
  • You can greet your friend with utmost love. For example: Dear Susan, My dearest Sean, My dear Rahim, etc.
  • You can then go on to convey your regards to your friends and their families or express your concern over their well-being.
  • The next thing you can do is explain the reason behind your letter and describe the many details you would wish to provide your friends with.
  • Finally, when you end your letter, see to that you add a complimentary closing such as Your loving friend, With lots of love, Love, Yours lovingly, etc.
  • Also, take care to check the address and contact details you have written on the envelope before you send it.

Check out the below sample letters to have a fair idea of how exactly it is done.

FAQs on Writing a Letter to Your Friend


How can I start a letter to my friend?

Generally, you can start friendly letters with the salutation followed by a small paragraph in which you can find out about their wellness and convey your regards. You can also give the reason behind your letter in this paragraph


What can I write about in a letter to my friend?

You can write about anything you would want your friend to know about in your letter. It can be about something that made you happy, sad, angry, irritated, confused and whatnot. There is literally nothing you cannot write about in a letter to your friend.


Should I write the receiver’s address in a friendly letter?

It is not required to write the receiver’s address in a friendly letter. You can write the sender’s address in the letter and the receiver’s address on the envelope only.


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