How to Write a Memorable Letter to a Friend?

How surprising it is when it is your birthday, and your friend surprises you with a beautifully-written letter? Sending a letter might sound a little outdated to some, but nothing can be more precious than sending a handwritten, customised letter. We all are aware of the growing importance of the digital world, but at the same time, we forget our old memories. Our hearts used to warm up by looking at the letter written by our friends, and while reading the letter, we could listen to their voices.

How to Start Writing a Letter?

While planning to write a memorable letter to a friend, you might no how to start it. Well, one advantage with a friendly letter is that it is informal and so, can be written in a leisurely manner. While writing a letter to your friend, you can start with an exciting introduction so that it brings a beautiful smile to their face and it becomes a memorable letter for them.

There are a few ways by which you can start your letter. Check the points mentioned below before writing a letter.

  • You can start by writing about how you remembered your friend or what made you remember your friend.
  • Write about the memories you have shared together.
  • Mention a few things you love about your friend.
  • Mention what you miss about your friend the most.
  • Mention the first meeting with your friend.

Starting the letters with these will evoke the same sentiment that you have. It shows how much value they have in your life. It shows how much you miss them and how much you value your friendship.

Be Creative

To make a letter memorable, you must make it a special one. To add beauty or flair to your letter, you can use your creativity. Check the various ways to decorate your letter and make it memorable.

  • Try Calligraphy: When writing the letter or writing the name and address of your friend on the envelope, you can try different writing styles. You can use a good writing pattern to make it look pretty.
  • Add Fun and Little Gifts: Along with the letter, you can add small gifts or photos of your moments together. Sharing a gift is memorable and becomes a token of your love.
  • Decorating the Letter: After you have written the letter, you can decorate the letter with flowers, glitter, etc. This makes your letter look more artistic, pleasing and unique than any regular text.

A letter can be unique in your own way. It solely depends on the way you write and decorate your letter so that it touches your friend’s heart. In today’s digital world, when you send a letter hand-written by you, it makes your friendship stronger and more beautiful. Writing a letter itself is a unique way of expressing your feelings and reviving your friendship.


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