6 Letter Words - Explore the List of Words for a Strong Vocabulary

As parents, we all want our children to speak good English and have a good vocabulary. Sometimes, it can be a little difficult to teach big words to kids. Even though parents put in a lot of effort, it is the responsibility of the kids to strengthen their vocabulary by reading various books, newspapers, etc. Learning English words and having strong communication skills is a dream for many children. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the parents and the teachers to inculcate in them the habit of learning new words.

Learning 6 letter words can be a little tough for kids in their preschool years but will be easy for the kids who have learnt the 3 letter and 4 letter words. The right time to learn three-letter words is preschool. After they have learnt the 3 letter words, it will be easier for them to pronounce the words correctly and to join two words together to form a new word. Therefore, it is essential to learn the 3 letter and 4 letter words first, and then move on to the 5 letter and 6 letter words. Even though the 6 letter words are tough to learn or remember, there are various tricks to learn them easily. Parents and teachers can make the learning process easier by engaging kids in various activities and games like crossword puzzles, word games, etc.

Communication is an essential aspect of the English language, and for fluent communication, kids must have good vocabulary skills and pronunciation skills. After they have learnt the 6 letter words, they will be able to form sentences using these words with ease. The right time to learn the 6 letter words is during their school days. Kids are faster learners than adults. Besides, they must be well aware of the English alphabet and the 3 letter, 4 letter and 5 letter words so that they can catch hold of the 6 letter words easily. In the article, we have provided a list of 6 letter words for the parents and kids to make the learning process easier.

List of 6 Letter Words to Increase Kids’ Vocabulary

After kids have learnt the 6 letter words, it will be easier for them to read and write fluently because they have already come across many frequently-used English words. This will help students develop their grammar and communication skills. Teaching the 6 letter words to kids might sound tough, but as a parent or a teacher, you must be patient in dealing with your children and make them learn the new words. Once you teach them new words, let them use these words in sentences so that they will learn the proper use of the words. Below, we have provided a few 6 letter words for the parents and teachers to teach children efficiently.

List of 6 Letter Words:

Abroad Casual Around Couple
Accept Caught Arrive Course
Access Centre Artist Covers
Across Centum Aspect Create
Acting Chance Assess Credit
Action Change Assist Crisis
Active Charge Assume Custom
Actual Choice Attack Damage
Advice Choose Attend Danger
Advise Chosen August Dealer
Affect Church Author Debate
Afford Circle Avenue Decade
Afraid Client Backed Decide
Agency Closed Barely Defeat
Agenda Closer Battle Defend
Almost Coffee Beauty Define
Always Column Became Degree
Amount Combat Become Demand
Animal Coming Before Depend
Annual Common Behalf Deputy
Answer Comply Behind Desert
Anyone Copper Belief Design
Anyway Corner Belong Desire
Appeal Costly Beaker Detail
Appear County Better Detect
Beyond Budget During Device
Bishop Burden Easily Differ
Border Bureau Eating Dinner
Bottle Button Editor Direct
Bottom Camera Effect Doctor
Bought Cancer Effort Dollar
Branch Cactus Eighth Domain
Breath Carbon Either Double
Bridge Career Eleven Driven
Bright Castle Emerge Driver

Importance of Learning 6 Letter Words

Learning new words aids in developing your vocabulary and communication skills. Learning new words is an important aspect of a child’s learning process. Kids are more likely to learn new words compared to adults. Therefore, the best time to teach the 6 letter words and other big words is during their school time. It is the responsibility of the parents and teachers to instil the habit of learning new words in children. After getting into school, kids will be taught English grammar, which will help them to build strong communication skills. Some benefits of the 6 letter words are listed below.

  • Development of Language and Communication Skills: Kids who have learnt the words at an early age will be able to build a strong vocabulary. This will be helpful for them to communicate effectively and express their thoughts without any hindrance. Therefore, the vocabulary must be taught to the children at a very young age.
  • Reading Comprehension: If children have a strong command of the English language, they will be able to improve their reading comprehension skills in academic texts. Therefore, it is essential to study as many words as possible in order to develop their reading ability.
  • Confidence: Learning the 6 letter words improves children’s reading and writing skills, as well as communication and vocabulary skills. Learning positive words can help with memory, attention and multitasking. Additionally, when parents and teachers add spelling activities into the learning process, children learn more effectively and remain confident throughout the academic year.

It can be difficult to teach 6 letter words to kids, but they can be taught in simple methods. Children must be taught to use the words and form sentences using them. They can enjoy the learning process through word games, puzzle games, flashcard games, and other activities. These are some basic ways to teach and engage children in learning 6 letter words. Rather than only engaging children in rote learning, they can be involved in activities that help them visualise the concepts. It will help them remember the words through the images.

Frequently Asked Questions on 6 Letter Words


Why are the 6 letter words essential for children?

The 6 letter words are essential for children because they help in improving their vocabulary and communication skills. Moreover, learning the 6 letter words helps children get acquainted with various big words, and they can relate to and form new words out of them.


How can we teach 6 letter words to kids?

6 letter words can be taught to the children of Classes 3, 4 or 5. This is the perfect time for kids to learn the 6 letter or bigger words because, by this time, they must have been well-versed in the smaller words and must have started using bigger words.


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