Active and Passive Voice Exercises

One of the most important topics that are introduced in elementary and secondary classes is the active and passive voices. So to ensure that students are able to solve the voice change exercises provided by the teacher correctly, BYJU’S brings the active and passive voice exercises.

The active and passive voice exercises below will not only help you practise but also ensure that your concepts get cleared. The exercises are designed in such a way that it tests whether the basic concepts of active and passive voice are clear to the students. Questions like changing the voice or identifying the type of tense used in the sentences are commonly asked to students.

Active and Passive Voice Exercise with Answers

While active and passive voice is an important grammar topic for students, it is also important that students have knowledge of verbs. Only a student who has a clear understanding of verbs can solve the active and passive voice exercises without much difficulty. Let’s take a test on how quickly students can identify the type of voice of the following sentences.

Identify the Type of Voice

Go through the sentences and identify the type of voice used.

  1. Shreya Ghosal sings beautiful songs.
  2. The Sun sets in the West
  3. The boy was being beaten by his teacher
  4. Bucky is helped by Steve
  5. The carpenter is building the desk.
  6. The woodcutter cut down the tree.
  7. The man dropped his axe in the river.
  8. The bird was shot by the naughty boy.
  9. By whom was Spanish taught to you?
  10. Natasha lost the money.
  11. The farmer will plough the field.
  12. The work will be finished by the workers in a day.
  13. The enemy has entered the war zone.
  14. Who sang the song?
  15. The children teased the animals.


  1. Active voice 2. Active voice 3. Passive voice 4. Passive Voice 5. Active voice 6. Active voice 7. Active voice 8. Passive voice 9. Passive voice 10. Active voice 11. Active voice 12. Passive voice 13. Active voice 14. Active voice 15. Active voice

Active Passive Exercise

The active, passive exercises will help students to have a better grasp of the active and passive voices. The following exercises are suitable for both CBSE and ICSE board students. The active/passive exercises that are provided below come with answers so that students have a chance to verify them. So what are we waiting for? Let’s start solving the exercises.

Change Active Voice into Passive Voice Exercises with Answers

Change the following sentences from active voice to passive voice.

  1. The dog chased the cat.
  2. The dog bit the boy.
  3. The peon rang the bell.
  4. Ram played hockey.
  5. Miss Mary teaches us English.
  6. Raj caught the ball.
  7. Children like sweets.
  8. Rita will take a photograph.
  9. Who taught you this poem?
  10. The police arrested the smuggler.
  11. Shiva was flying a kite.
  12. The hunter shot the deer.
  13. The lion attacked the zebra.
  14. Virat threw the ball.
  15. Everyone loves Zara.
  16. My sister has drawn this portrait.
  17. The people were helping the wounded woman.
  18. Sam had taken the medicines.
  19. The player is taking extra time.
  20. The cat ate the fish.

Answers –

  1. The cat was chased by the dog.
  2. The boy was bitten by the dog.
  3. The bell was rung by the peon.
  4. Hockey was played by Ram.
  5. English is taught to us by Miss Mary.
  6. The ball was caught by Raj.
  7. Sweets are liked by children.
  8. A photograph will be taken by Rita.
  9. By whom were you taught this poem?
  10. The smuggler was arrested by the police.
  11. A kite was being flown by Shiva.
  12. The deer was shot by the hunter.
  13. The zebra was attacked by the lion.
  14. The ball was thrown by Virat.
  15. Zara is loved by everyone.
  16. This portrait has been drawn by my sister.
  17. The wounded woman was being helped by the people.
  18. The medicines had been taken by Sam.
  19. Extra time is being taken by the player.
  20. The fish was eaten by the cat.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is active and passive exercise?

Active and passive exercises are those exercises that either deal with the identification of the voices or changing the active into passive voice or vice versa.

How do you change passive voice to active exercise?

To change the passive voice to active voice, one must know in which tense the verb is. Once students understand the tense of the verb, it becomes easy for them to convert.

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