Types of Sentences in English with Examples

Learning how to write and speak good sentences is the key to your success as a powerful English communicator. However, this does not mean that you can use sentences in a similar form throughout your speech or writing. That will only make it too monotonous and uninteresting. So, to help you make your speech and writing interesting, this article will help you with the different types of sentences along with examples.

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The Sentence Types in English Grammar

The English language gives every learner the liberty to make good use of the language in the best possible way. Using different types of sentences will make your speech or writing sound and look well-structured and aid you in getting your thoughts and ideas across to your target audience in a clear and effective manner. This will also allow you to express your emotions and let your readers experience what you want them to experience.

The Four Different Types of Sentences

There are four different kinds of sentences in English grammar and they are as follows:

Declarative or Assertive Sentence – A declarative or assertive sentence is a sentence that is informative and ends with a period or a full stop.


  • I like fantasy novels.
  • There is a white house around the corner.

Imperative Sentence – An imperative sentence is a sentence that expresses a command, an order, or a request.


  • Please pick up the notes when you come.
  • Close the door.

Interrogative Sentence – An interrogative sentence is one that is used to question something and it ends with a question mark.


  • What is the name of the movie you were watching?
  • Can I come with you to the book fair?

Exclamatory Sentence – An exclamatory sentence is one which is used to express sudden and strong emotions, and it ends with an exclamation mark. You can also use interjections to form exclamatory sentences.


  • Wow, how good this is!
  • That was a great match!

Frequently Asked Questions on the Types of Sentences


What are the types of sentences in English?

The different types of sentences in English are:

  • Declarative Sentence
  • Imperative Sentence
  • Interrogative Sentence
  • Exclamatory Sentence

Give some examples of the different types of sentences.

Given below are a few examples of the different types of sentences.

    • Declarative Sentence – This is my house.

They are my parents.

    • Imperative Sentence – Come home as soon as you finish the dance practice.

Please lend me a pen.

    • Interrogative Sentence – When are you going to the park?

Where is the attendance register?

    • Exclamatory Sentence – Oh, what a beautiful dress!

What a wonderful day!


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