Email Writing - Format and Samples

Emails are modern-age letters. This article explains the format of email writing and also gives you sample emails for students of Class 8 to Class 12 and working professionals.

How to Write an Email?

Email writing is an essential part of professional communication. It is not easy to get people to respond to your emails if they do not feel interested in your message or proposal. This is exactly the reason why you should learn to write good emails. Be bold. Get to the point right away. The best email communication is the one that is simple and clear.

There are a few tips you have to keep in mind when you sit down to write emails. Emails can be casual or professional, just like informal and formal letters. The format of the email changes according to the kind of email you are writing. However, accurate grammar and spelling are aspects that are to be taken seriously.

When you start writing an email,

  • Make sure you type in the right email ID. Always check with the receiver for the exact email address because even a full stop that is not part of the email address can land your email with the wrong person, or the mail would simply bounce.
  • The Subject line is the next most important factor you should carefully consider because that is the first thing anyone receiving the email would see. It also determines if the receiver would want to open the mail. ‘The from line is what recipients use to determine whether to delete an email. The subject line is what motivates people to actually open the email.’ said Loren McDonald. Spend double the time you spend on drafting the body to draft the subject.
  • See to it that your Salutation or Greeting is appropriate to the receiver/s. The greeting builds a rapport.
  • The Body of the email states what the email is about. Be clear with what you want your receiver to know. Make sure you have everything you want to convey drafted in simple terms. Do not use colloquial language or long unwinding sentences. Try not to repeat words or use cliched terms. Make your message positive, even if you’re turning down an offer. If you have to follow, do it before they remind you to. Keep it short. Use standard font style and size. Do a final spelling/grammar check/proofread.
  • Finally, Sign off the email on a polite note and proofread it before hitting send. The closing should feel genuine; only then will the receiver want to respond.

Email Writing Format Samples

Here are some sample emails that will help you understand how to write an email in the best possible way.

Informal Email Writing Format Samples

Email Expressing Your Appreciation

To: Recipient’s email address

Subject: Congratulations!

Dear (Name),

My heartfelt congratulations to you. I was glad to see your name on the merit list. All your efforts were definitely not in vain. I bet everyone at home is so proud of you.

You have truly honoured the family name, and I am happy that you would get to take up the course in architecture that you had been waiting for. I am waiting to meet you in person to convey all my love and appreciation.

Convey my regards to uncle, aunty and grandpa.


Your name

Email about Your Trip

To: Recipient’s email ID

Subject: About my trip

My dear (Name),

I am very excited to write to you about the long tour I will be going on along with my parents. We will be leaving on the 25th.

We will be away for three months. We are going to San Francisco for an official meeting my father has to attend. We would then be travelling to New York to visit our cousins. We would stay there for a month. After that, we will be going to Paris. It has always been my dream to visit Paris at least once in my lifetime, and my parents have finally agreed to take me there. I will definitely write to you all about my trip – all the different places we visit, the variety of food we eat and the people we meet.

It would have been even more special if you had come along with me. We will make sure we plan out a trip once I am back home.

With best wishes,

Your name

Formal Email Writing Format Samples

Email on Seeking Information Regarding Course Details

To: Recipient’s email ID

Subject: Regarding Course Details

Dear Sir,

I have passed the B.Sc. degree examination with Electronics as the main subject. I intend to have a course in Computer Science and would like to know the details of the courses taught at your institution. Could you please send me a copy of your prospectus?

Yours faithfully,

Your name

Email on Introducing a New Employee to Your Team

To: Recipient’s email ID

Subject: Meet the New Customer Service Representative

Dear Team,

I am pleased to introduce you to (Name), who is starting today as our Customer Service Representative. She will be providing technical support and assistance to our users and making sure they enjoy the best experience with our products.

Feel free to greet (Name) in person and congratulate her on the new role!

Best regards,

Your name


Email on Official Intimation of Your Resignation

To: Recipient’s email ID

Subject: Resignation

Dear Sir/Ma’am,

I am planning to pursue my higher studies in the coming academic year, and hence I would like to inform you of my intention to resign from the post of (Designation) at (Name of the Institution), effective three months from now.

I appreciate the opportunities for growth and development you have provided during my association with (Name of the Institution). It was indeed a privilege working here, and it was a valuable work experience which has helped me grow personally and professionally to a great extent.

Please accept this letter as the formal intimation of my resignation.

Thank you for your guidance and support.

Yours sincerely,

Your name

Email Informing Your Employees about the Change in Work Timings

To: Recipient’s email ID

Subject: Revised Working Hours

Dear Team,

Our company is growing, and there is a good inflow of projects every week. This has been possible with your dedicated and timely teamwork. In order to keep up with this, we have decided that the working hours would be advanced by 30 minutes. The revised time would be 8:30 am to 5 pm. This will be in effect from July 5, 2021 (Monday). It would be appreciated if all of you keep up with the timing and abide by it.

Feel free to come up with suggestions, if any.

Warm regards,

Your name


FAQs on Email Writing Format


What should I put as the subject in an email?

The subject in an email should state what your email is about. Do not use long sentences when writing the subject. Use simple vocabulary and place the most important words at the very beginning of the subject.


What is the format of email writing?

Be sure to type in the exact email address of the recipient. Keep the subject as short as possible. Use it only to convey what the mail is about. No explanation about the matter should be included in the subject line. The body of the email should explain the purpose of the email. However, add only the necessary details. Keep it simple. End the email with a complimentary close and sign off with just your name in informal emails and with your name and destination in a formal email.


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