Authorization Letter - How to Write with Samples

The word ‘authorization’ means giving permission to act upon a formal sanction or a warrant. Authorization letters are written in order to authorize or approve someone on your behalf to perform an action that should have been done by you. You are allowed to authorize someone else to carry out the respective task on your behalf under certain unavoidable circumstances. This article will explain the authorization letter format and also give you authorization letter samples for your reference.

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How to Write an Authorization Letter?

An authorization letter is a formal letter, and so it follows a format that is mostly similar to the format of a formal letter. An authorization letter is usually handed over in person, so you can start the letter with the receiver’s name and address. Mention the date on which the letter is written. The subject line denotes the purpose of the letter. This is followed by the salutation or greeting and then the body of the letter. Make sure you mention the name of the person you are authorizing and the action to be performed clearly. Once you do this, see to that you thank the person for understanding your situation and acknowledging your request. Use a complimentary closing to finish the letter. Be sure to sign and write your name in block letters below your signature for clarity.

Sample Letters of Authorization

Go through the authorization letter samples given below to help you understand clearly the way of writing an authorization letter.

Authorization Letter to Collect Registered Post

The Postmaster

Zonal Post Office

Good Shed Road

Coimbatore – 32



Subject: Authorization to collect the registered post on my behalf



I am Sreya, and I am writing to authorize Sravan, my brother, to collect the registered post on my behalf as I would be unable to collect it in person. I am enclosing herewith an identification proof so that there would not be any confusion.

You can contact me in case you require any clarification. I am providing my contact details for the same.

Thank you very much for understanding.

Contact details:

Phone number: 123456

Mail id:

Yours sincerely,



Authorization Letter to Collect Certificate

The Manager

Sri Krishna Arts and Science College

Anna Nagar

Chennai – 600025

5th January, 2022


Subject: Authorization to collect certificates



I hereby authorize Raymond to act as my representative and collect my Class 10 and Class 12 mark sheets, UG Degree Certificate and my Transfer Certificate on my behalf as I am hospitalised and cannot come in person to collect the certificates within the date prescribed. I am attaching documents to help you identify the authorized person when he comes to collect the certificates.

This letter can be held valid until I provide further notice. Kindly find the name and signature of the authorized person for your reference.

Name of the authorized person : _______

Signature of the authorized person : __________

Your kind support and cooperation are highly appreciated. You can reach me on my phone number or email address in case of any clarification.

Phone number: 012346

Email address:

Yours faithfully,



Authorization Letter Format for Bank

The Bank Manager

Central Bank of India

New Graeme’s Lane

Mumbai – 400013



Subject: Letter of authorization to access my bank account



I am Beena, and I authorize my husband, Jerald, to access my savings account with the account number (mention your account  number) from the 28th of December, 2021 to the 20th of May, 2022 as I will be going abroad for a project as part of my work.

I appreciate your continuous support and understanding. I have attached herewith the documents for identification for your reference. Kindly feel free to contact me in case you need any further information.

Thank you very much for your kind cooperation.

Contact information

Phone number – 123456

Email id –

Yours sincerely,



Frequently Asked Questions on Authorization Letter Format


What is an authorization letter?

An authorization letter is a letter written to permit or put someone else in charge of performing an act in your absence.


What are the details to be included in an authorization letter?

The authorization letter format includes the address and date, salutation, body of the letter with the name and signature of the person you are authorizing, the reason for unavailability, complimentary closing, signature and name of the authorizer.


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