Letter to Your Friend about Coronavirus

The world with coronavirus has become an experience none of us is ever going to forget that easily. However, since we care for our dear ones, don’t you think it is our responsibility to let them know of the complications this disease brings into our lives so that all of them stay safe and healthy? One way to do it is to write letters to your friends explaining all that you know about coronavirus.

Letter to Your Friend about the Symptoms and Precautions to Be Taken

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Dear Theo,

How are you and everyone at home? I am fine. I recently had an opportunity to attend a workshop on the spread of coronavirus, and I wanted to share the information I gathered, so you and your family could be aware too.

The most common symptoms of the disease are sore throat, fever, cough, tiredness, fatigue, loss of taste and smell. If you witness any of these, see to that you go and get yourself checked as soon as possible to prevent being severely affected. Do not just take your own medication. If it gets serious, you are likely to have breathing difficulties, chest pain, loss of appetite and so on.

Always drink lukewarm water. Inhale steam at least two times a day. Have ginger tea. Keep yourself hydrated. It is better to avoid having food from restaurants. Try not to consume anything too cold. I know you love ice creams, but please try to avoid having ice creams for some time. I am too concerned about you since you have a history of asthma, and also because even a simple cold can turn out to be this disease. Wear your mask every time you step out of the house. Always carry a sanitiser and try to avoid contact with others. Please take care of yourself and also tell uncle, aunty and Sonu to be safe.

Convey my regards to everyone at home.

Your loving friend,


Letter to Your Friend about the Aftereffects of Coronavirus

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Govt. Residential Quarters

Haryana – 244413

April 27, 2021


Dearest Nithya,

Hope this letter of mine finds you and your family in the best health. I was affected with coronavirus two weeks back, and I am in the process of recovery. In the meantime, I thought I could write to you about my experience.

Being discharged from the hospital is not the end of the virus. There are many side effects after the attack. Even though I am taking all the medicines that have been prescribed and getting ample rest, I am still experiencing fatigue, shortness of breath, joint pain, muscle cramps, headache and chest pain. I have not been able to sleep properly as well. I am also facing some difficulties in remembering things and concentrating even on the activities that I love to engage myself with.

The best thing we can do is to keep ourselves safe and healthy because it is always better to be safe than sorry. I wanted to let you know about my experience so that you could be aware of all the problems this disease would cause and hence be very careful so as to not get affected.

Hoping to meet you soon.




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