COMEDK Syllabus

COMEDK Syllabus

The Consortium of Medical Engineering and Dental Colleges of Karnataka which is shortly known as COMEDK UGET is an undergraduate entrance exam for students who want to make a career in the engineering or medical field. Around 72,152 aspirants apply for COMEDK every year, making it one of the toughest exam in India. Students who want to score well in the exam must prepare hard. Knowing the COMEDK syllabus and exam pattern is one of the most important steps while preparing for the exam. The syllabus and exam pattern is given here so that students can prepare for the exam more efficiently.

COMEDK Exam Pattern

The COMEDK exam is mainly based on Class 10 and Class 12 syllabus. The COMEDK exam pattern is provided in the table below to help students understand the exam in a better way. The COMEDK exam pattern provides information such as the number of questions, type of questions, time duration of the exam and other exam details.

The detailed COMEDK exam pattern for both medical and engineering courses is given in the table below.

Course Targeted By Candidates

No. Of Question Papers

Type Of Question Papers

No. Of Questions (Subject-wise)

Time Duration

No. Of Questions (Paper-wise)

Engineering courses


Single Paper: Physics, Chemistry & Maths

60 questions each

3 hours


Medical or Dental courses


Paper 1: Physics & Chemistry

60 questions each

2 hours


Paper 2:Biology & English

60 questions in Biology & 30 questions in English

1 hour 30 minutes


Both streams


Paper 1: Physics, Chemistry & Maths

60 questions each

3 hours


Paper 2:Biology & English

60 questions in Biology & 30 questions in English

1 hour 30 minutes


The marking scheme for COMEDK exam is given in the table below.

For each correct answer

+1 marks

For each incorrect answer

0 marks

For each unanswered questions

0 marks

For more than one answers

0 marks

COMEDK Syllabus

Knowing the COMEDK syllabus is very important if a student wants to excel in the exam. Knowing the syllabus thoroughly will help students know the important chapters of the exam. Students should analyze the COMEDK syllabus properly and prepare a well-planned timetable which they should follow strictly while preparing for the exam. They should include all the chapters of the COMEDK syllabus in the timetable and focus more on the important chapters to score good marks in the exam.

The COMEDK syllabus for Physics, Chemistry, Maths, and Biology is briefly given in the table mentioned below.

COMEDK Physics Syllabus



Heat & thermodynamics

Electromagnetic induction & alternating currents

Thermal & Chemical effects of currents

Introduction, description of motion in one dimension

Physical world & measurement

Description of motion in two & 3 dimensions

COMEDK Chemistry Syllabus

Nuclear chemistry

Chemistry of representative elements

Chemical kinetics


Chemistry of biological processes

Chemistry in action

Chemistry of carbon compounds



Transition metals including lanthanides

Coordination chemistry & organometallics

COMEDK Mathematics Syllabus

Matrices & determinants

Vectors & 3 dimensional geometry

Coordinate geometry



Exponential & logarithmic series

Differential equations

Correlation & regression

Integral calculus

Definite integral

Differential calculus

COMEDK Biology Syllabus

Structural Organisation in Plants & Animals

Diversity in Living World

Ecology & Environment

Biology & Human Welfare

Genetics & Evolution

Reproduction in Organism

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