JEE Advanced Paper Analysis

IIT JEE Advanced Paper Analysis – Here, we have provided a detailed paper analysis for the JEE Advanced exam. Candidates can go through the analysis and get a clear idea about the JEE Advanced exam, including the types of questions, their difficulty level, important topics, and other details. They will also get to know the weightage of marks and chapters that were covered in the question paper.

The main benefit of going through the paper analysis is that candidates will get a complete insight into the JEE Advanced exam pattern. In essence, with all the information in hand, aspirants can prepare accordingly and effectively for the exam.

JEE Advanced 2022 Question Paper Analysis

Get a detailed paper analysis of the JEE Advanced 2022 question papers 1 & 2 here, and also download the JEE Advanced 2022 paper analysis PDFs for Paper 1 and Paper 2 using the links below.

JEE Advanced 2022 (28 August 2022) Paper Analysis Analysis PDF
JEE Advanced 2022 (Paper 1) Download 
JEE Advanced 2022 (Paper 2) Download

JEE Advanced 2022 Live Paper Analysis and Solutions – Paper 1

JEE Advanced 2022 Live Paper Analysis and Solutions – Paper 2

Summary of JEE Advanced 2022 Question Paper – Overall Analysis & Difficulty Level

The overall difficulty of JEE Advanced 2022 Paper 1 was moderate and comparatively a bit easier than Paper 2. The subject-wise analysis can be stated as follows compared to the previous year’s question paper.

  • Physics was at the same level as the previous year.
  • Chemistry was more difficult than the previous year.
  • Mathematics was a bit easier than the last year.

The overall difficulty of JEE Advanced 2022 Paper 2 was moderate and comparatively more difficult than Paper 1. 

  • Physics was at the same level as the previous year. 
  • Chemistry was more difficult than the previous year. 
  • Mathematics was a bit easier than the previous year.

However, the difficulty level of the JEE Advanced 2022 paper was a bit easier compared to previous years, as per our expert faculties. 

Overall Difficulty Level (On a scale of 3)
1 – Easy, 2 – Medium, 3 – Difficult
JEE Advanced 2022 Physics Chemistry Mathematics
Paper 1 1.83 2.22 2.11
Paper 2 2.11 2.17 2.11
Average of Paper 1 & 2 1.97 2.20 2.11

Hence, the overall difficulty level of the JEE Advanced 2022 Question Paper (1 & 2 together) can be rated as 2.09 on a scale of 3.

Also, check the detailed Question Paper Analysis for JEE Advanced 2022 here.

JEE Advanced 2021 Question Paper Analysis

The JEE Advanced examination was conducted on October 3rd, 2021. The examination included two papers (Paper 1 and Paper 2). The duration of the examination was three hours for each subject.  On this page, the students can check out the JEE advanced chapter-wise weightage and further learn about how the question paper was set, its difficulty level and other details. The difficulty level of the question paper from each subject is discussed below


The Physics part of the question paper was considered easy to moderate by a majority of the students. There were very few questions that the students found difficult to answer. The questions were from topics like mechanics, electrodynamics, optics, modern physics, heat and thermodynamics.


Some of the students found the chemistry part tricky. The questions were from topics such as physical chemistry, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry. In the Chemistry question paper, about 5 questions can be categorised into easy, 12 questions were moderate and 2 questions were difficult.


Mathematics was a lengthy paper compared to Chemistry and Physics. The topics included were algebra, geometry, vectors and trigonometry. There were very few easy questions in Mathematics and the remaining questions were moderate.

In addition to this, BYJU’S subject experts have also reviewed and provided an in-depth analysis of the JEE Advanced 2021 Question papers.

JEE Advanced 2021 Paper Analysis – Memory Based Questions

JEE Advanced 2021 Memory Based Paper Analysis

JEE Advanced 2021 Paper 1 Analysis

JEE Advanced 2021 Paper 1 Analysis

JEE Advanced 2021 Paper 2 Analysis

JEE Advanced 2021 Paper 2 Analysis

Important Topics for JEE Advanced Paper – 1

JEE advanced chapter wise weightage for Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry is listed in the table below


Topic Weightage
Alternating Current 6-7%
Electromagnetic Induction 21-22%
Centre of Mass, Momentum, and Collision 6-7%
Heat Transfer 6-7%
Fluid Mechanics 11-12%
Thermodynamics 14-15%
Wave Motion and String Waves 6-7%
Optics 11-12%
Modern Physics 9-10%
Sound Waves: 4-5%


Topic Weightage
Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids 14-15%
Hydrocarbons 13-14%
P-Block Elements 13-14%
Solid State 4-5%
Atomic Structure 14-15%
Electrochemistry 4-5%
Thermodynamics 6-7%
Organic Chemistry 11-12%
Solutions 6-7%
Coordination Compounds 4-5%
Chemical Bonding 4-5%


Topic Weightage
Ellipse 4-5%
Complex Numbers 6-7%
Circles 9-10%
Limits and Continuity 6-7%
Definite Integral 11-12%
Application of Derivatives 14-15%
Hyperbola 6-7%
Sequence and Series 4-5%
Matrices 11-12%
Permutations and Combinations 4-5%
Probability 6-7%
Parabola 11-12%

Important Topics for JEE Advanced Paper -2

The JEE Advanced chapter-wise topics with the weightage given to each topic are given below


Topic Weightage
Alternating Current 6-7%
Current Electricity 6-7%
Kinematics 4-5%
Capacitors 9-10%
Measurement and Errors 4-5%
Rotational Dynamics 29-30%
Electrostatics 6-7%
Magnetism 11-12%
Gravitation 4-5%
Wave Optics 5-6%
Modern Physics 4-5%
Vectors 4-5%


Topic Weightage
Electrochemistry 4-5%
Organic Compounds Containing Nitrogen 9-10%
Chemical Kinetics 6-7%
Haloalkanes and Haloarenes 6-7%
Solutions 4-5%
Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers 9-10%
Hydrocarbons 6-7%
Equilibrium in Physical and Chemical Processes 6-7%
Study of First Element: Hydrogen 4-5%
Thermodynamics 4-5%
Some P-Block Elements 6-7%
P-Block Elements 22-23%
Surface Chemistry 6-7%


Topic Weightage
3D Geometry 20-21%
Probability 4-5%
Theory of Equations 9-10%
Area of Bounded Regions 6-7%
Trigonometry 6-7%
Sets, Relations and Functions 4-5%
Differential Equations 4-5%
Definite Integrals 13-14%
Limits and Continuity 6-7%
Application of Derivatives 19-20%
Matrices 4-5%

JEE Advanced Past Question Paper Year Wise Analysis

Candidates can check the year-wise analysis of JEE Advanced question paper for both paper 1 and paper 2 from the links given below.

IIT JEE Paper Analysis

Along with the paper analysis, students are advised to practice JEE Advanced Previous Year Papers to understand the exam pattern and score higher marks.

Highlights Of JEE Advanced Question Paper Analysis

With the analysis of Paper 1 and Paper 2 of JEE Advanced candidates will get an insight into several key things mentioned below;

  • What was the difficulty level of Paper 1 and Paper 2?
  • What type of questions were asked in the exam?
  • What topics were covered in all three sections?
  • Subject-wise Analysis.
  • The topics that were important and given more weightage.
  • The marking scheme.
  • Description of the questions – tricky, conceptual or analytical.
  • The overall difficulty level of the exam.

Additionally, students’ feedback is also provided.

About IIT JEE Exam

Joint Entrance Exam or JEE is one of the most popular exams among engineering aspirants in India. The exam is the gateway to some of the most prominent engineering institutes in the country. However, cracking IIT JEE takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and good preparation. The exam is also divided into two phases which are JEE Main and JEE Advanced. Candidates who qualify in the JEE Main exam are only allowed to sit for the JEE Advanced exam. In essence, admission to colleges mainly depends upon the scores or ranks that aspirants receive in these exams.

Against such a backdrop, normally when the exams conclude candidates are mostly curious and eager to know the result. Apart from the result, there is a common trend to follow up with answer keys and JEE Advanced paper analysis as well. In any case, all these resources help candidates to get a clear perspective of the exam including the types of questions, difficulty level, weightage of questions and more.

IIT JEE Advanced Solved Question Papers

In addition to reading the analysis, it is important for students to actually practice solving questions so that they can further develop better problem-solving skills and be well prepared for the JEE Advanced 2021 exam. Below, they will find a link to access the JEE Advanced question papers and they will also find the solutions for the given questions.

Frequently Asked Questions on JEE Advanced Question Paper Analysis

How many papers are present in JEE Advanced?

There are two compulsory papers – Paper I and II of 3 hours duration each in JEE Advanced. Candidates have to write and clear both the exams in order to make it to the merit list.

Will JEE Advanced be conducted in Hindi medium?

JEE Advanced Exam is conducted in English and Hindi medium

Will there be any negative marking for incorrect answers in JEE Advanced exam?

Yes, there will be negative marking for incorrect answers. It will be for some questions only though. Students should go through the instructions given in the question paper carefully before attempting the questions.

Are all the questions multiple choice type?

In JEE Advanced candidates will find question types such as multiple-choice (objective), numerical and list match sets.

Where can I get sample question papers for JEE Advanced?

Candidates can get a hold of the JEE Advanced sample papers by visiting the official website of the exam conducting authority which could be any of the seven IITs that are in charge of conducting the exam that particular year.

Are questions from the JEE Mains repeated in the Advanced papers?

No, the questions are not repeated. JEE Main and JEE Advanced are two different exams with contrasting exam syllabus, patterns, and modes.