JEE Advanced Paper Analysis

The JEE Advanced 2017 exam was held recently which had 18 questions per each paper viz. Paper 1 & Paper 2.

There were multiple correct answer type questions, questions of integer types and also included a match of three column matrix ones which were introduced recently.  All in all, the paper 1 of this exam had the right balance of challenging and conceptual questions.

Paper 2 in comparison to Paper 1 was quite difficult as it had single option type questions, multiple correct answer type questions and questions of paragraph types.

Paper 1

For integer type questions there was no negative marking excluding two sections.


Compared to the previous years, the paper was comparatively easier. As most questions were from the easy or moderate category except one question which sounded tricky. Surprisingly, one question was drawn from the NCERT exemplar.


A few difficult ones and some easy questions were part of Chemistry. The momentum of the paper had some shift by the arrival of a mixture of three column matching. As most questions were drawn from the NCERT, few ones were taken from beyond the syllabus. Compared to inorganic chemistry, physical and organic chemistry had a better weight- age.


This section had questions from a range of easy to moderate. Compared to the previous years, the questions were of elementary level. There were no questions that required critical thinking.

Paper 2

Similar to Paper 1, there was no negative marking for questions based on paragraphs excluding two sections.


In comparison to paper 1, the physics part had questions which were a little difficult. The rotational mechanics questions were the toughest ones as they were quite tricky.  The paper 2 physics had all the difficult portions covered as anticipated.


Similar to the paper 1 the chemistry section of paper 2 was quite challenging. As questions were framed to check the student on having or not having in-depth knowledge, tricky questions were framed to meet this purpose. The paper was a low scoring one as some questions were not drawn from NCERT.


The questions for this section of Paper 2 had questions with easy to moderate difficulty. Except for 2 to 3 questions that required deep understanding, most of them were fairly easy ones. Unlike the paper 1 questions from topics like coordinate and algebra, paper 2 had questions from topics like integral calculus, 3D and vector. All in all, this paper was a fairly scoring one.

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