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Decision after class 10th

  • Life is all about making decisions…Right? Everyone has to make decisions and so is the case with students.
  • As soon as you complete your class 10th, you need to make a very important decision which sets your future course of action in your study life.

Choice of Stream-Science OR Commerce OR Humanities

  • This decision determines what career path you would run on.
  • This is the moment when you have to choose a stream out of the available choices viz. Science, Commerce or Humanities.

Commerce Stream – A Great Option

  • You should choose Commerce Stream if you have genuine interest in the Business, Numbers and the Economy.
  • In commerce you acquire knowledge related to Money, Finance, Accounting, Business, Economy and stock markets etc.
  • If you find interest in these topics then you are made for Commerce.

Immense scope of Commerce

  • Commerce stream offers a wide variety of career options for you to pursue after class 12, which provide name, fame and financial security.

Think before choosing any stream

  • Every student has ambitions of doing great in life and also expectation of family and friends goes along with his/her aims.
  • This decision opens up several options regarding the choice of careers, as well as closes some of the other options.
  • At this point of time, you need to do some introspection and ask yourself a few questions, such as,

o   What are you made for?

o   Which work, do you like the most?

o   Which work would you do without getting tired?

…..and then you should think which course is required to be done for that work and accordingly you should choose your course/stream.

Main subjects in class 11 & 12

  • In India, Commerce is possibly the most popular academic stream for students.
  • The main subjects that are covered in the Commerce stream in Class 11 and 12 are:

o   Accountancy

o   Economics

o   Business Studies

o   Mathematics

o   Informatics Practices

o   English

BYJU’S Commerce Coaching

  • BYJU’s Commerce coaching is managed by a team of professionals having years of experience and wonderful exposure of CBSE Exam Pattern and help students to guide towards success in the CBSE Commerce exam.
  • Our main focus is not only providing knowledge from books but also connecting students with practical scenario and thereby bridging the gap between theoretical and practical knowledge.
  • We are providing Commerce Online Coaching for now and soon we will be launching our offline Commerce coaching
  • We assure you that our online coaching for commerce is way ahead of what is being provided in conventional commerce tuition.