Commerce Formulas

Formulas are helpful for students in order to understand the concepts of economics and accountancy, which are the main subjects that are studied in commerce. Economics as a subject represents the production, distribution, and consumption of products in a country. It also helps businesses to determine the best combination to achieve maximum profit.

To have a good understanding of the fundamentals is very important for students. It helps them to grasp the concept easily, which can prove to be beneficial in learning. This page contains a repository of the basic formulas that are used in commerce subjects such as economics and accountancy.

It will serve as a quick guide to the students of class 11 and 12 who are looking for formulas for economics and accountancy.

GDP Deflator Formula Velocity Of Money Formula
National Income Formula Marginal Cost Formula
GDP Formula GDP Deflator Formula
Price Elasticity of Demand Formula Total Cost Formula
Elastic Demand Formula Marginal Revenue Formula
Money Multiplier Formula Consumer Price Index Formula
Real GDP Formula Income Elasticity of Demand Formula
Inflation Rate Formula Total Revenue Formula
Consumer Surplus Formula Unemployment Rate Formula
Nominal GDP Formula Balance of Payments Formula
Marginal Product Formula Average Revenue Formula
Average Total Cost Formula Real Interest Rate Formula
Average Variable Costs Formula Disposable Income Formula
Net Exports Formula Price Elasticity Of Supply Formula
Aggregate Demand Formula Purchasing Power Parity Formula
Cross Price Elasticity Of Demand Formula GDP Per Capita Formula
Closing Stock Formula

This was all about the commerce formulas, which play a very important role in students’ understanding of fundamentals and theories of economics and accountancy. For more such interesting topics, stay tuned to our website.


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