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Class 12 Accountancy Sample Papers

Class 12 Accountancy Sample Papers

Accountancy for class 12 is one of the most important subjects to score well in the board examinations. This subject matter seeks a lot of focus, concentration, sheer hard work and practice. Students can practice Class 12 Accountancy Sample Papers on a regular basis. This routine habit definitely helps the students to score good marks in their exams. Practicing the sample papers helps in enhancing the level of confidence, reduces the number of possible errors.

  • Blueprint of the Final Exam : Sample Paper is basically a blueprint of the 12th Commerce Question paper given in the final examination conducted by CBSE.
  • Evaluate your preparation : Solving Sample papers is one of the best way to evaluate your level of preparation and get familiar with what will be asked in CBSE Exam.
  • Help you to Score More : These are the model question papers which give you a fair idea of what kind of questions you will face in the exam and thus help you to score more.

To know more about the Commerce subjects, sample papers and question papers, stay tuned to BYJU’S.