Andhra Pradesh Education Board

There are two main boards which are responsible for secondary and higher education in Andhra Pradesh. There is the Board of Secondary Education of Andhra Pradesh which is a self-governing body working under the Andhra Pradesh’s Department of Education government body. This board is responsible for conducting SSC/OSSC examinations for class 10 students.

Then, there is Andhra Pradesh Board of Intermediate Education which supervises and controls the system of intermediate education for class 11 and class 12 students. The two boards primarily execute and govern various activities including creation of courses, picking out the syllabus, conducting exams, granting affiliations, setting up regulations and conducting academic inspections of educational institutions which fall under its jurisdiction. However, every new measure that needs to be implemented is done only after the approval of the department of education.

Board of Secondary Education of Andhra Pradesh

Board of Secondary Education of Andhra Pradesh which is also sometimes referred to as Directorate of Government Examinations was set up in the year 1953. This board is an autonomous department and usually carries out its duties via its head office located at Hyderabad and other regional offices in the state.

The board oversees the system of secondary education in the state. It basically governs and conducts the 10 standard board exams for students twice in a year. The main examination which is SSC is conducted in the month of March and there is also a supplementary exam that is conducted in the month of May / June months.

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Andhra Pradesh Board of Intermediate Education – BIEAP

Andhra Pradesh Board of Intermediate Education was established in 1971. The BIEAP board offers intermediate education also called Higher Secondary Classes – HSC course for a period of two years. Class 11 course is labelled as intermediate I and class 12 course is labelled as intermediate II. Intermediate Public Examinations in Andhra Pradesh are mostly conducted in an organized and strict manner. This is done to fully test the student’s knowledge and their expertise in different subjects. The board conducts the Annual Examination every year in the month of March / April and the Advanced Supplementary Examination in June / July.

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As for the courses, currently, the BIEAP board offers a total of 85 streams/courses that students can choose to study. Board of Intermediate Education also offers Vocational stream Groups and General stream Groups which include Humanities, Commerce and Science groups. Vocational Groups are provided in order to help students learn and develop certain skills related to the branch for immediate self-employment.

In addition to this, the board also works extensively to bring in new courses and at the same time design a fresh curriculum at different points in time to standardize the education system of the state.

Andhra Board Syllabus

The syllabus for Andhra board is designed by both the two boards for respective classes. The syllabus is also periodically updated so that the level of education is up-to-date or relevant to meet the needs of the system. The syllabus topics for both SSC exam and the intermediate exams are prepared after extensive research and by top experts in the respective fields. This is done in order to provide the highest quality of education to the students in the state.

AP Board Results

The SSC result for class 10 most of the time is declared in the month of April or May. Similarly, the ap BIEAP results are also released in the same time frame i.e. in the month of April / May every year. When the results are declared they can easily be viewed from;


Some of the popular websites to check results also include exams,,,,, amongst others.

Andhra Pradesh Board Textbooks

The textbooks for both the SSC and BIEAP are drafted in such a way to help students easily understand as well as grasp the concepts quickly. The books are further capable of creating interest in the students and provide all the essential knowledge including the question patterns that are generally followed in the final exams. The books also emphasize not only on the theoretical topics but also on the numerical topics. These books can seemingly be treated as the complete guide for the students. Get access to books from the link given below;

In any case, Andhra Pradesh board is one of the most dominating education boards in the country. Moving forward, even though the board continues to face many new challenges it is working towards making sure that quality education reaches to many students as possible across the state.

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