AP Board Class 6 Social Science Syllabus

Social Science is a subject that has been divided into three main sections including History, Geography and Civics. Knowing the syllabus thoroughly helps the students to get a strong foundation in the subject. Based on their strengths and weaknesses of the subject, students can plan their studies more efficiently. Here, for the convenience of the AP Board students, we have given details about the topics covered in the AP Board Class 6 Social Science Syllabus.

We have also given below a table where the chapter names from the subject are listed.

AP Class 6 Syllabus Social Science

Chapter 1

Reading and Making Maps

Chapter 2

Globe-A Model of the Earth

Chapter 3

From Gathering Food to Growing Food-The Earliest People

Chapter 4

Penamakuru- A Village in the Krishna Delta

Chapter 5

Salakamcheruvu -A Village on the Plateau

Chapter 6

Kunavaram – Tribal Villages on the Hills

Chapter 7

Agriculture in Our Times

Chapter 8A

Trade in Agricultural Produce Part A

Chapter 8B

Trade in Agricultural Produce Part B

Chapter 9

Community Decision Making in a Tribe

Chapter 10

Emergence of Kingdoms and Republics

Chapter 11

First Empires

Chapter 12

Democratic Government

Chapter 13

Village Panchayats

Chapter 14

Local Self-Government in Urban Areas

Chapter 15

Diversity in Our Society

Chapter 16

Towards Gender Equality

Chapter 17

Religion and Society in Early Times

Chapter 18

Devotion and Love towards God

Chapter 19

Language, Writing and Great Books

Chapter 20

Sculptures and Buildings

From the chapter names listed above, students can find that the topics covered in this AP Board Class 6 syllabus for Social Science range from Globe-A Model of the Earth and First Empires to Village Panchayats, Sculptures and Buildings and so on.

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