AP Class 7 Science Syllabus

The APSCERT Class 7 Science textbook helps children see Science in everything around them. It stresses on developing creativity and inquisitiveness through Science learning. A few highlights of using the Class 7 Science textbook are:

  • The textbook facilitates learning through field investigations, experiments, projects, etc.
  • It allows teachers to duly transfer the knowledge of Science, reflecting the nature and spirit of Science.
  • The arrangement of chapters in the textbook is systematically done so that students understand a given topic clearly.
  • It allows teachers to keep track of the learning progress of children.

Here, we have provided the latest syllabus followed for Class 7 Science for your reference.

AP Class 7 Science Syllabus
Chapter 1 Food Components
Chapter 2 Acids and Bases
Chapter 3 Animal Fibre
Chapter 4 Motion and Time
Chapter 5 Heat-Measurement
Chapter 6 Weather and Climate
Chapter 7 Electricity
Chapter 8 Air, Winds and Cyclones
Chapter 9 Reflection of Light
Chapter 10 Nutrition in Plants
Chapter 11 Respiration in Organisms
Chapter 12 Reproduction in Plants
Chapter 13 Seed Dispersal
Chapter 14 Water
Chapter 15 Soil: Our Life
Chapter 16 Forest: Our Life
Chapter 17 Changes Around Us

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