AP Board Class 8 Social Science Textbooks

The AP Board SCERT Class 8 Social Science Textbooks are the essential learning material for the students to prepare most competently for their final exams. These books explain every concept related to the topics, covered in the textbook. Scoring well in the subject, will help the students to improve their overall score in the exam. For this, they need to master the subject and the AP Board Class 8 textbook of Social Science is the perfect resource for it. Some topics covered in the Social Science Class 8 textbook as per the syllabus are The Polar Regions, Understanding Secularism, Disaster Management and more.

For the convenience of the students, we have compiled here the PDF links to download the chapter-wise files of the Class 8 textbook of the Social Science AP Board. The textbook of Class 8 covers the topics according to the updated AP Board Class 8 Social Science syllabus. For students, textbooks make the learning process easier.

Download Chapter-wise AP Board Class 8 Social Science Textbooks PDFs

Chapter 1 Reading and Analysis of Maps
Chapter 2 Energy from the Sun
Chapter 3 Earth Movements and Seasons
Chapter 4 The Polar Regions
Chapter 5 Forests: Using and Protecting Them
Chapter 6 Minerals and Mining
Chapter 7 Money and Banking
Chapter 8 Impact of Technology on Livelihoods
Chapter 9 Public Health and the Government
Chapter 10 Landlords and Tenants under the British and the Nizam
Chapter 11A National Movement – The Early Phase 1885-1919
Chapter 11B National Movement – The Last Phase 1919-1947
Chapter 12 Freedom Movement in Hyderabad State
Chapter 13 The Indian Constitution
Chapter 14 Parliament and Central Government
Chapter 15 Law and Justice -A Case Study
Chapter 16 Abolition of Zamindari System
Chapter 17 Understanding Poverty
Chapter 18 Rights Approach to Development
Chapter 19 Social and Religious Reform Movements
Chapter 20 Understanding Secularism
Chapter 21 Performing Arts and Artistes in Modern Times
Chapter 22 Film and Print Media
Chapter 23 Sports: Nationalism and Commerce
Chapter 24 Disaster Management

Why Use AP Board Class 8 Social Science Textbooks?

  • Subject experts have explained each concept in a clear and concise manner in this textbook
  • The book typically covers all the topics that are covered in Class for the subject, as per the syllabus
  • Studying from the textbooks helps students to prepare better for the exams and score well

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