AP Board Class 8 Social Science Syllabus

Studying Social Science helps students to create better societies to live in. Class 8 Social Science also sets the basis for higher classes. Hence, a student who has mastered the concepts of the subject will find it easier to score well in the exams. Here, we have provided the AP Board Class 8 Social Science Syllabus. Students can get the Chapter names of the topics covered in the syllabus from the table given below.

AP Class 8 Syllabus Social Science

Chapter 1

Reading and Analysis of Maps

Chapter 2

Energy from the Sun

Chapter 3

Earth Movements and Seasons

Chapter 4

The Polar Regions

Chapter 5

Forests: Using and Protecting Them

Chapter 6

Minerals and Mining

Chapter 7

Money and Banking

Chapter 8

Impact of Technology on Livelihoods

Chapter 9

Public Health and the Government

Chapter 10

Landlords and Tenants under the British and the Nizam

Chapter 11A

National Movement – The Early Phase 1885-1919

Chapter 11B

National Movement – The Last Phase 1919-1947

Chapter 12

Freedom Movement in Hyderabad State

Chapter 13

The Indian Constitution

Chapter 14

Parliament and Central Government

Chapter 15

Law and Justice -A Case Study

Chapter 16

Abolition of Zamindari System

Chapter 17

Understanding Poverty

Chapter 18

Rights Approach to Development

Chapter 19

Social and Religious Reform Movements

Chapter 20

Understanding Secularism

Chapter 21

Performing Arts and Artistes in Modern Times

Chapter 22

Film and Print Media

Chapter 23

Sports: Nationalism and Commerce

Chapter 24

Disaster Management

From the details given, students can find that the topics covered in the AP Board Class 8 syllabus for Social Science range from The Polar Regions, Money and Banking to Understanding Poverty, Disaster Management and more.

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