AP Board Class 5 Textbooks- Maths and EVS

AP Class 5 Textbooks- Maths and EVS are verified by subject matter experts and is the best resource used by students to prepare for exams. These books highlight the important topics and concepts, as is prescribed in the updated syllabus for the AP Board Class 5. Here you can find details about the APSCERT Books, for Class 5 Maths and Environmental Science.

AP Class 5 Maths Textbook

AP Class 5 Maths Textbook engages students in the subject, as it explains the maths problems in easy to understand steps. The topics covered here are Bigger Numbers, Spaces and Boundaries, How much does it weigh, Symmetry and so on.

AP Class 5 EVS Textbook

AP Class 5 EVS Textbook helps to explain the environment to the students. The main topics covered by this subject in class 5 includes Animals- Base of Our Life, Our Body – It’s Internal Organ System, Child Rights and more.

For details about the AP Class 5 textbooks on mathematics and environmental science do take a look here:

Access AP Board Class 5 Textbooks- Maths and EVS

Why Use AP Board Class 5 Textbooks?

  • Teachers can give projects and homework from these books
  • Students can study for exams
  • Teachers can teach with the help of class 5 books
  • Exam papers and questions are prepared based on these
  • Can revise with the help of textbooks

Students can get study materials and other resources as prescribed by the AP Board from BYJU’S.

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