AP Board Intermediate 1st Year Zoology Important Questions

Zoology is the study of animals and animal life. Zoology is important for many reasons, such as studying about the animals, and we will develop a better understanding of how we function and interact with the world around us. The study of Zoology includes the interaction of animal kingdom in their ecosystems such as classification, habits, structure, embryology, distribution, evolution, and extinct species. Important questions of AP board Intermediate 1st year Zoology help students to prepare for their Class 11 board examination. It is an important resource for the students and by practising it on a daily basis, students will get familiar with the marking scheme and the difficulty level of the paper.

Important question of Intermediate 1st year Zoology covers all the topics mentioned in the AP Intermediate 1st Year Syllabus of Zoology, so that students have a clear idea of the questions that might be asked in the exam. For intermediate 1st year students, require an advanced level of preparation, therefore, all the important questions that are necessary for students are covered. Practising these important questions of Zoology makes learning effective and also improves performance in the final examination. It also helps in scoring good marks in the exam.

Zoology Important Questions for the Intermediate first year are prepared by the subject experts, based on the AP Intermediate 1st Year Question Papers. These important questions are widely helpful for the students, as it helps in reducing the exam stress and increasing their confidence level. Students can either download or practise these questions online by visiting our website at BYJU’s.

Download AP Board class 12 Zoology Important Questions

1. Describe the system of binominal nomenclature.

2. Mention the general character of Holothuroidea

3. Mention the general characters of the class Amphibia

4. Give an account of flagellar locomotion.

5. Draw a neat labeled diagram of a multipolar neuron.

6. In your view what motivates youngsters to take to alcohol or drugs and how can this be avoided?

7. Give an account of Haversian system of a compact bone.

8. Give an account of transverse binary fission

9. Describe the mosquito phase of a the life history of Plasmodium vivax.

10. Describe the digestive system of Periplaneta Americana. Add a note on physiology of digestion.

11. Give an account of the flow of energy in an ecosystem.

12. Define species. Explain the various aspects of “species”.

13. Describe the structure of a multipolar neuron.

14. Cephalopods show several unique or advanced features when compared to the other mollusca. Discuss briefly.

15. Compare and contrast cartilaginous and bony fishes.

16. Give an account of pseudopodia.

17. “Prevention is better than cure”. Justify with regard to TDA abuse.

18. Draw a neat labelled diagram of salivary apparatus in cockroach.

19. Describe different types of food chains that exist in an ecosystem.

20. Describe the life cycle of Plamodium vivax in female Culex.

21.  What are retroperitoneal organs?

22. Describe the digestive system of cockroach with the help of neat labelled diagram.

23. What is lymph? How does it differ from plasma?

24. Mention the general characters of the class Amphibia.



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