AP Board Class 3 Textbooks- Maths and EVS

Students find this as the perfect resource to study for the exams, as it gives a foundation in subjects. These books are also useful for teachers to plan for their lessons for the day. Here, we have given information about the AP Class 3 Textbooks- Maths and EVS, which are considered as part of the APSCERT books.

AP Board Class 3 Maths Textbook

In AP Class 3 Maths Textbook, the topics covered range from numbers and subtraction to division and patterns and so on. These topics are covered as per the syllabus prescribed by the AP Board. These books help to simplify even the complex of formulae using simple steps.

AP Board Class 3 EVS Textbook

AP Class 3 EVS Textbook teaches the students about the environments and main topics covered in it are Family, Friendly Leaves, Gems of Clay, Let’s go to village and so on. Students can get a good foundation in the subject with the help of these books.

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Why Use AP Board Class 3 Textbooks?

  • Get homework from the textbooks
  • Revise for exams from it
  • Teachers plan their classes with the help of these books
  • Exam papers are prepared based on the topics covered in it
  • Students can plan their studies with the help of textbooks

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A cylindrical tank has a hole of 1 cm2 in its bottom. If the water is allowed to flow into the tank from a tube above it at the rate of 70 cm3/sec. then the maximum height up to which water can rise in the tank is