AP Class 3 Maths Textbook

Maths is the most fundamental subject of all and to get a proper foundation in this subject, the students need to start studying it from the elementary classes itself. In AP Class 3 Textbook of Maths, the topics covered range from numbers and subtraction to division and patterns etc. These are prescribed by the AP Board in accordance to the updated Class 3 syllabus. The APSCERT Class 3 Maths book explains the concepts thoroughly using simple language.

Students can also get the chapter wise details about the AP Board Class 3 Maths Textbook from the links given here:

Chapter wise Downloadable PDFs Of AP Board Class 3 Maths Book

Chapter Nos Chapter Names Source Links
Cover Download
Introduction Download
1 Shapes and Spatial Understanding Download
2 Numbers Download
3 Addition Download
4 Subtraction Download
5 Using Addition and Subtraction Download
6 Multiplication Download
7 Division Download
8 Measurement Download
9 Time Download
10 Day-To-Day-Maths Download
11 Data Handling Download
12 Patterns Download

Why Use AP Class 3 Maths Textbooks?

  • Get homework from the lessons in textbooks
  • Use it for revision
  • Teachers teach with the help of class 3 maths book
  • Exam papers are prepared based on the text
  • Plan the studies with the help of textbooks

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