AP Class 5 Maths Textbook

The AP Class 5 Maths Textbook is created for the students to get an idea about the subject. The main topics covered as per the syllabus prescribed by the AP Board include Bigger Numbers, Spaces and Boundaries, How much does it weigh?, Symmetry and more. Students who wish to do well in the final exams can start studying from this APSCERT Class 5 Maths textbook at the earliest. They can refer to the textbook and master all the major concepts of the subject.

Students can access the chapter wise details of the AP Board Class 5 textbook of Maths from here:

Chapter wise Downloadable PDFs Of AP Board Class 5 Maths Book

Chapter Nos Chapter Names Source Links
1 Bigger Numbers Download
2 Multiply and divide Download
3 Smart tables Download
4 Smaller lengths – bigger lengths Download
5 Spaces and boundaries-1 Download
6 Angles in our surroundings Download
7 Playing with shapes Download
8 Spaces and boundaries-2 Download
9 Maps and Routes Download
10 How much does it weigh? Download
11 Many more liters Download
12 Time Download
13 Fractions Download
14 Factors and multiples Download
15 Symmetry Download
16 Patterns Download
17 Trip to the Golkonda Fort Download

Why Use AP Class 5 Maths Textbooks?

  • Teachers can plan their lessons from the text
  • Students can revise a subject
  • Teachers give assignments from the textbooks
  • Questions for the exams are taken from the textbooks
  • Students can study for the class and final exams

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