AP Board Class 1 Maths Textbook | Download APSCERT Class 1 Maths book PDFs

Education is important for all and hence a student should aim to get a good foundation in all subjects from elementary classes itself. Maths is an important subject for the students and gives information about various topics like shapes, numbers from 6 to 9, zero, introduction of tens from 10 to 100, time and so, as per the updated syllabus by the AP Board. A student who wishes to score good marks in Class 1 can study ahead with the help of various resources like AP Board Class 1 Maths Textbook. The APSCERT Class 1 Textbook for Maths is the best resource to master all the concepts that are to be taught in Class for the academic year.

Students can get the AP Board Class 1 textbook of Maths chapter wise online. They can just click on the links below:

Chapter wise Downloadable PDFs Of AP Board Class 1 Maths Book

Chapter Nos Chapter Names Source Links
Cover Download
Introduction Download
1 Pre Mathematical Concepts Download
2 Shapes Download
3 Numbers from 1 to 5 Download
4 Numbers from 6 to 9 Download
5 Before – After – Between – More – Less Download
6 Zero(0) Download
7 Addition of Numbers Some not Exceeding 9 Download
8 Subtraction of Numbers upto 9 Download
9 Numbers from 10 to 20 Download
10 Additions of Numbers, the Total not Exceeding 20 Download
11 Subtraction of Numbers not Exceeding 20 Download
12 Introduction of Tens from 10 to 100 Download
13 Numbers from 20 to 100 Download
14 Numbers Before, Between, After Download
15 Money Download
16 Time Download

Why Use AP Class 1 Maths Textbooks?

  • Do homework from textbooks
  • Revise for the exams
  • Teachers teach with the help of Class 1 Maths book
  • Exam papers are prepared with the help of books
  • Pre-plan studies with the help of textbooks

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