AP SCERT Board Class 6 Social Science Textbook

AP SCERT Social Science textbook is a key subject textbook for the students of Class 6. Those who are competent with the concepts of the subject will find it easier to score marks in the exam. One of the best resources to prepare most proficiently for the exam is the AP Board Class 6 textbook of Social Science.

We have provided here the chapter wise PDF links for the students to download the Social Science textbook of AP Board Class 6. So, start accessing to study for the exam and to score good marks. These Class 6 textbooks are designed according to the latest AP Board Class 6 Social Science syllabus. Students are advised to be thorough with their textbooks so that they face their exam confidently. Score well in your exam by referring to these textbooks, as they cover all the key concepts that are likely to be asked in the exams.

Download Chapter-wise AP Board Class 6 Social Science Textbooks PDFs

Chapter No. Chapter Name
Chapter 1 Reading and Making Maps
Chapter 2 Globe-A Model of the Earth
Chapter 3 From Gathering Food to Growing Food-The Earliest People
Chapter 4 Penamakuru- A Village in the Krishna Delta
Chapter 5 Salakamcheruvu -A Village on the Plateau
Chapter 6 Kunavaram – Tribal Villages on the Hills
Chapter 7 Agriculture in Our Times
Chapter 8A Trade in Agricultural Produce Part A
Chapter 8B Trade in Agricultural Produce Part B
Chapter 9 Community Decision Making in a Tribe
Chapter 10 Emergence of Kingdoms and Republics
Chapter 11 First Empires
Chapter 12 Democratic Government
Chapter 13 Village Panchayats
Chapter 14 Local Self-Government in Urban Areas
Chapter 15 Diversity in Our Society
Chapter 16 Towards Gender Equality
Chapter 17 Religion and Society in Early Times
Chapter 18 Devotion and Love towards God
Chapter 19 Language, Writing and Great Books
Chapter 20 Sculptures and Buildings

Why Use AP Board Class 6 Textbook?

  • Teachers find this book useful as reference material while taking the class
  • This is the best revision tool for students to prepare for the exam
  • Assignments and projects are taken from this book
  • Question paper for the exam is framed based on key concepts from the book
  • Students can study both for the class as well as final exams with the help of this book

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