AP Class 4 EVS Textbook

AP Class 4 EVS Textbook is used by the students to learn about the environment. The main topics covered by this subject in Class 4 include Changing Family Structure, Plants Around Us, Public Institutions, From Village to Delhi and so on. Students can get a good foundation in the subject by learning from the AP Board Class 4 textbook of EVS. This APSCERT Class 4 EVS book uses simple language to explain the concepts to the students.

Students can also download the book chapter wise. Get chapter wise details of the AP Board Class 4 EVS books from the below given links in the table:

Chapterwise Downloadable PDFs Of AP Board Class 4 EVS Book

Chapter Nos Chapter Names Source Links
Cover Download
Introduction Download
1 Changing Family Structure Download
2 Different Rules and Games Download
3 Various Types of Animals Download
4 Discover The Lifestyles of the Wild- Bio-Diversity Download
5 Plants Around Us Download
6 Find The Way/Directions Download
7 Public Institutions Download
8 Houses-Construction- Sanitation Download
9 Our Village-Our Tanks Download
10 Our Food-Our Health Download
11 From Village To Delhi Download
12 Indian History And Culture Download

Why Use AP Class 4 EVS Textbooks?

  • Do projects from the lessons in textbooks
  • Study for the exams
  • Teachers teach with the help of class 4 EVS book
  • Exam papers are prepared based on these school books
  • Revise from the textbooks

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