AP Board Intermediate 2nd Year Zoology Important Questions

Zoology is the study of animals and their behaviour. The study of Zoology includes animal physiology, their behaviour, and their interaction with other species in their environment. It is a huge course that includes the distribution of every animal species on earth including extinct animals. Important questions for  Intermediate 2nd year for Zoology help students to prepare well for the exams and can also clear all their doubts with respect to each chapter by practising. These important questions of Zoology are designed by subject experts in order to help the students better.

By knowing the important questions of Zoology of each chapter will ensure effective preparation during exam time. Even they will get an idea about time management and can also enhance their problem-solving skills. By practising these important questions, students become familiar with the marking scheme and the difficulty level of the examinations. Students are instructed to solve these important questions which help them keep themselves focused during their examinations.

All the important questions are framed as per the AP Intermediate 2nd year syllabus of Zoology. Practising these important questions will clear conceptual knowledge and enhance the subject knowledge. These important questions are widely helpful for the students as it helps in reducing the exam stress and increasing their confidence level.

Download AP board class 12 Zoology Important Questions

  1. Describe the process of digestion of proteins in the stomach.
  2. Explain the process of inspiration and expiration under normal conditions.
  3. Draw a labelled diagram of the T.S. of spinal cord of man.
  4. Write short notes on Immunoglobulins.
  5. Describe the genic balance theory of sex determination.
  6. Distinguish between homologous and analogous organs
  7. Explain Darwin’s theory of Natural Selection with industrial melanism as an experimental proof.
  8. Explain the different types of cancers.
  9. Describe the structure of the heart of man with the help of neat labelled diagram.
  10. Describe human female reproductive system. Draw a labelled diagram.
  11. Describe the chromosomal theory of sex determination.
  12. How does human heart function to pump blood to the body parts ?
  13. Describe the female reproductive system with the help of a labelled diagram ?
  14. Describe the determination of sex by Genetic Balance theory of Bridges in Drosophila.
  15. Explain the process of digestion in the stomach.
  16. What are the bio-chemical changes that occur in a muscle during contraction.
  17. Write a brief note on Morphological Evidences in favour of organic evolution?
  18. Draw a diagram of internal structure of testis.
  19. Write a brief note on different types of immunities?
  20. How does Hardy Weinberg principle explain equilibrium of allelic frequency?
  21. What is Apiculture?
  22. Write notes on the working of the human hearts.
  23. What is ‘insulin’ shock?
  24. MRI Scan is harmless. Justify.
  25. Define between homologous and analogous organs.



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