AP Intermediate Grading System

The BIEAP (Board of Intermediate Education, Andhra Pradesh) had released the AP Inter 1st and 2nd-year results on 12 April 2019, at 11:00 AM, last year. The 2020-21 Exam results were out on the official site on 12 June 2020. Nearly 10 lakh students had appeared for the Intermediate examinations in 2019 with 5.30 lakhs taking the first year exams and about 4.36 lakh students appearing for the 2nd year exams. The AP Intermediate exams were also conducted between February/March 2019, last year. Meanwhile, candidates are advised to check the official website of AP BIEAP for results. Students can also get an idea about the AP Intermediate grading system from this article.


The marks and grades allotted for Intermediate 1st and 2nd year are given below. The grading system is the same for both first and second Intermediate students. A total of seven grades is given here. From below, students can get familiarised with the BIEAP grading system followed.

AP Intermediate Grading System

A1 91-100 Marks 10
A2 81-90 Marks 9
B1 71-80 Marks 8
B2 61-70 Marks 7
C1 51-60 Marks 6
C2 41-50 Marks 5
D1 35-40 Marks 4
F 00-34 Marks Failed

Students who score less than 35 marks are considered ‘failed.

At the same time, according to sources, approximately a total of 6.3 lakh students has passed altogether in both AP Intermediate 1st and 2nd Year 2019 exams. Also, 72% of the students have passed in AP Intermediate 2nd Year 2019 Exam, of which some 68% boys and about 75% of girls have qualified. Alternatively, in the AP Intermediate 1st Year 2019, 60% of girls have passed, while the boys pass percentage is at 56%.

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