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NCERT Solutions For Class 7

Explore the NCERT solutions for class 7 maths and science which are prepared by our highly qualified teachers and experienced professionals in the field of education. These class 7 NCERT Solutions are designed in a way that will help you understand difficult questions with ease. All the questions are explained with appropriate examples, shortcuts, tips, and additional questions to help visualize and understand the concepts effectively.

NCERT Solutions for Class 7 Maths

NCERT Solutions for Class 7 Science

These NCERT class 7 solutions aid students in solving complex questions. The Students can now download complete, accurate and well explained NCERT Solutions for Class 7 pdf from the above links. The questions asked during CBSE class 7 exams are mainly based on exercise questions given in NCERT books, hence, we have successfully compiled exclusive Class 7 NCERT Solutions to help students to acquire their goals. The NCERT solutions for these topics have been updated to the latest prescribed syllabus.

Having trouble getting good marks in your exams? Well, scoring marks isn't as easy as it used to be. (It was never easy in the first place - unless you happened to be a walking encyclopedia.) There is high competition in all sectors, including education. Fortunately, studying concepts doesn't have to be a tedious task and you can even enjoy it as long as you set some ground rules.

Tips for Studying

  • For starters, make yourself acquainted with the syllabus before studying as it can give you an overview and help you set goals and targets. This is a necessary activity as you can define your goals periodically and evaluate your progress towards the final goal.
  • Next, make notes as it helps you reinforce and recall whatever you've been studying. This is very effective as your stimulate your mind and your body in the learning process.
  • Maths or Science, it doesn't hurt to write it all down. Once you do that, split the information into small chunks. This is done so that the stress of memorizing is reduced. Also, it reduces the cognitive load and dampens mental strain. How you break up information into chucks is up to you. Test what amount of content is easy to digest and try to increase the size of the content as you move along. This also can help you increase your memorization skills and prevent distortion of information.
  • Finally, regularly review everything you have learnt. This will help you remember and recall topics with ease. Reviewing is an important part of the learning process and will help you evaluate what you have read. This also helps to reinforce the information that you have already studied or memorized. What this means is, you can recall information more efficiently and easily.
  • If you really want to delve deeper into any concepts or just get better at the topic, try teaching the same to your friends. It has been observed that teaching or imparting knowledge to others is another way of effectively retaining information.
  • This tip is the most crucial of all: If a subject feels dry or extremely boring, you need to create an interest for the subject. This is to instill a sense of interest in the subject, because the learning process becomes easy. So the next time you have to ace an exam, just remember these tips and try to implement them.


To sum up, NCERT solutions for class 7 consists of redesigned answers that are specifically tailored for easy understanding and memorization. The solutions are reconstituted into a reader-friendly format where emphasis is given on conveying the information in a relatively short and comprehensive content. Every question has been carefully analysed and resolved in an engaging and informative format by our highly qualified group of teachers and professionals in the field of education.

Solutions in science are elaborate and illustrative. Easy-to-comprehend diagrams are provided where they are necessary and experiments are explained in intricate detail. And questions in maths are answered accurately, with each and every step explained in detail. This means the students can reap the rewards by scoring more marks than they normally could.

For more NCERT solutions for Class 7 or any other class, please visit BYJU's and download our app to take the learning experience anywhere.

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