NCERT Exemplar Class 10 Maths

NCERT Exemplar Class 10 Maths book and solutions are given here. The Class 10 NCERT Exemplar book includes several higher-level questions based on the CBSE Class 10 Syllabus. The questions are aimed to help the students to get acquainted with the different question variations. The NCERT Exemplar pdf for Class 10 Maths can be downloaded easily. These Class 10 Maths Exemplar problems and solutions are designed by experts in accordance with the CBSE Syllabus.

The solved questions of NCERT Maths Exemplar for Class 10 can help the students to develop problem-solving capabilities and build a deeper understanding of the concepts. The Exemplar Maths book for Class 10 includes advanced level questions, which can be helpful to solve the Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) questions in the board exams easily.

Students of 10th standard are also provided with NCERT solutions, notes, question papers and other learning materials, online on our website for free. With the help of solving previous year question papers and sample papers, they can also know the questions paper pattern for each chapter of Maths in the final exams, as well as the marking scheme.

The NCERT Maths Exemplar Class 10 Solutions are given here along with the Maths Exemplar Class 10 books. Click the links given below to download NCERT Class 10 Maths Exemplar solutions and problems.

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Chapter 1- Real Numbers Download Solutions
Chapter 2- Polynomials Download Solutions
Chapter 3- Pair of Linear Equations in Two Variables Download Solutions
Chapter 4- Quadratic Equations Download Solutions
Chapter 5- Arithmetic Progressions Download Solutions
Chapter 6- Triangles Download Solutions
Chapter 7- Coordinate Geometry Download Solutions
Chapter 8- Introduction to Trigonometry & Its Equations Download Solutions
Chapter 9- Circles Download Solutions
Chapter 10- Constructions Download Solutions
Chapter 11- Areas related to Circles Download Solutions
Chapter 12- Surface areas and Volumes Download Solutions
Chapter 13- Statistics and Probability Download Solutions

Students can also access and download NCERT Class 10 Books here.

NCERT Exemplar Class 10 Maths Chapter 1 – Real Numbers

In this chapter, students will be able to solve exemplar problems based on Euclid’s Division Lemma theorem and method, fundamental theorem of arithmetic, Irrational Numbers, Rational Numbers and Their Decimal Expansions.

NCERT Exemplar Class 10 Maths Chapter 2 – Polynomials

In Chapter 2, you will solve problems based on polynomials topics and their geometrical representation, also find the relationship between zeroes and coefficients of a polynomial, learn division algorithm for polynomial and other related concepts.

NCERT Exemplar Class 10 Maths Chapter 3 – Pair of Linear Equations in Two Variables

Chapter 3 will cover topics like linear equations in two variables pairs and their graphical representation, also learn algebraic methods to solve linear equations such as substitution method, elimination method, cross – multiplication method, etc.

NCERT Exemplar Class 10 Maths Chapter 4 – Quadratic Equations

In this chapter you will solve exemplar problems based on the standard form of a quadratic equation, to find the solution of a quadratic equation by factorization, by completing the square and to find the roots of the quadratic equation.

NCERT Exemplar Class 10 Maths Chapter 5 – Arithmetic Progressions

In arithmetic progressions, the list of numbers is represented in a series and each of the numbers in the list is called a term. Find the common difference and nth term in AP with the help of exemplars. Also, know how to find Sum of First n terms of an AP.

NCERT Exemplar Class 10 Maths Chapter 6 – Triangles

In this chapter, we will be solving problems based on the concepts and theorems of similarity of triangles. Also, find the areas of a similar triangle and the relation between them, along with learning about Pythagoras theorem.

NCERT Exemplar Class 10 Maths Chapter 7 – Coordinate Geometry

In Chapter 7, Coordinate Geometry, students will be solving problems on finding the distance between two points in a plane, using the distance formula, to find the coordinates using the section formula, the area of the triangle formed in a plane by meeting three points with the help of its coordinates.

NCERT Exemplar Class 10 Maths Chapter 8 – Introduction To Trigonometry and Its Equations

This chapter will introduce you with the basic concepts of trigonometry, which is one of the most important topics of Mathematics subject. You will learn here about different trigonometry ratios based on some specific angles, complementary angles. Also, problems based on trigonometric identities and formulas.

NCERT Exemplar Class 10 Maths Chapter 9 – Circles

In chapter circles, you will learn about the tangent of a circle, the number of tangents which can be drawn from a point on a circle and solve problems based on these concepts.

NCERT Exemplar Class 10 Maths Chapter 10 – Constructions

In Chapter 10 of Class 10, constructions have covered topics such as dividing a line segment in a given ratio, construction of a similar triangle, construction of the tangents to a circle from a point outside it.

NCERT Exemplar Class 10 Maths Chapter 11 – Areas Related to Circles

In this chapter, you will learn to find Perimeter and Area of a Circle, Areas of Sector and Segment of a Circle, Areas of Combinations of Plane Figures.

NCERT Exemplar Class 10 Maths Chapter 12 – Surface Areas and Volumes

In this chapter students can practise exemplars problems based on topics like Surface Area of a Combination of Solids, Volume of a Combination of Solids, Conversion of Solid from One Shape to Another, Frustum of a cone.

NCERT Exemplar Class 10 Maths Chapter 13 – Statistics and Probability

This chapter will explain to you about the concepts of statistics along with its subtopics like Mean of Grouped Data, Mode of Grouped Data, Median of Grouped Data, Graphical Representation of Cumulative Frequency Distribution with practice exercises. Also, an insight of approach to probability.

These Class 10 Maths Exemplars can help the students to clear all their doubts and know the best solutions to each question. The Maths Exemplar Class 10 includes advanced level questions which require proper understanding of the fundamentals. So, it is important to go through the CBSE Class 10 Syllabus and then start solving the NCERT exemplar problems as well as practise the NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Maths. The NCERT Exemplar Class 10 questions not only help for board exam preparation but also for different competitive exams like JEE.

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