CBSE Class 11 Hindi Syllabus 2021-22

Class 11 Hindi subject of CBSE Board has two options Hindi Elective and Hindi Core. The CBSE Class 11 Hindi Syllabus of both Hindi Core and Hindi Elective is provided here. The Syllabus contains all the important topics which the students will study for the academic year 2021-2022. Class 11 CBSE students should study according to the prescribed term wise CBSE Class 11 Hindi Syllabus so that they can score good marks in their Hindi Core and Elective exam. CBSE syllabus for Class 11 Hindi also specifies the marking scheme for each unit and time duration of the same. Moreover, for preparing the exam paper, the teachers also refers to the prescribed board syllabus.

Term Wise CBSE Syllabus for Class 11 Hindi 2021-2022

Here is the CBSE Class 11 Hindi Syllabus of core as well as elective. Students can download the CBSE Syllabus in pdf format from the below-given link.

The CBSE has released the term wise CBSE Class 11 Syllabus for the examinations 2021-22 on the official website. The syllabus is divided into 2 terms so that exam pressure on students reduces. Also, they can easily cover the syllabus during the COVID-19 time.

After knowing the CBSE Class 11 Hindi syllabus, students can also have a look at syllabus of all the subjects by visiting CBSE Class 11 Syllabus page. To access interactive lessons and videos related to Maths and Science, download the BYJU’S App/ Tablet.

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