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The NCERT Class 4 English Solutions are provided here for students to study and prepare for their board exams. Students can excel in their academics by referring to the NCERT textbooks. The solutions are formulated by our expert faculty team having vast knowledge about the subject. The solution module comprises pictorial representation for students to understand the concepts easily. With the help of NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English, students can practise a wide variety of questions, which helps in gaining more knowledge and building a firm grip on the subject. Solutions to all the chapters from the Marigold textbook have been covered here. Experts have simplified the solutions for students to grasp the concepts easily.

Students aiming to secure high marks in the exams can study and refer to NCERT Solutions, which is the best reference book any student can rely on. Students are advised to practise on a regular basis which helps in building time management skills. NCERT Solutions helps students understand the topics and also helps in answering all the questions with ease. Students can refer to Class 4 English NCERT Solutions and download the solutions, which are readily available in PDF format and can use them for future reference as well.

Download Chapter-Wise NCERT Solutions PDFs for Class 4 English

Given below are the links to the unit-wise NCERT Class 4 English Textbook Marigold. Click on the respective links to download.

Marigold Textbook Solutions:

Wake up!
Neha’s Alarm Clock
The Little Fir Tree
Nasruddin’s Aim
Alice in Wonderland
Don’t be Afraid of the Dark
Helen Keller
The Scholar’s Mother Tongue
A Watering Rhyme
The Giving Tree
The Donkey
Going to buy a Book
The Naughty Boy

BYJUS Classes 4

Benefits of using NCERT Class 4 English Solutions

Here are a few benefits of using NCERT books:

  • Solutions are prepared by a team of expert faculty members with utmost care.
  • NCERT Class 4 English books cover all the questions from the textbook.
  • Concepts are explained in a simple manner for all students to understand easily.
  • Students can access their knowledge gap by referring to these books.
  • All the exercise questions are answered in an understandable manner for students to grasp the concepts at ease.
  • Students can answer a large variety of questions that are given in the NCERT textbook, which help them understand the concepts better.
  • NCERT books cover every single topic present in the chapter.
  • The solutions are readily available in PDF format, students can download them easily.

Frequently Asked Questions on NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English


Where can I download NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English?

The NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English can be referred to both in online and offline mode from the BYJU’S website. The expert faculty team has provided detailed answers for all the questions available in the NCERT textbook for Class 4 English after conducting vast research on the concepts as per the latest CBSE guidelines.


How do NCERT Solutions of Class 4 English help students in their exam preparation?

The main aim of designing the solutions is to promote conceptual knowledge among students. The solutions are formulated by the subject matter experts with utmost care to help students understand the concepts in a clear manner which in turn helps students in their exam preparation. Students can download the solutions PDF from BYJU’S website for free.


Is the NCERT Class 4 English Solution module free to download?

Yes, NCERT Class 4 English Solutions module is absolutely free to download from BYJU’S website. Students and teachers can access BYJU’S official website for NCERT Solutions which provides a wide range of questions for students to practise for their main exams. The solutions are prepared with utmost care to help students understand the concepts easily and score well in their exams.

Visit BYJU’S website to download the latest NCERT Solutions, CBSE Sample Papers and Question Papers from Class 6 to Class 12.


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