NCERT Syllabus Class 8 Geography

Geography is an integral component of social science subject. This subject introduces students to the basic concepts, which are necessary for understanding the world in which they live. NCERT Class 8 Geography also promotes the interdependence of various regions and countries. To know the interesting topics that are there in the Geography subject, students must closely go through the syllabus. Here we have provided the detailed NCERT Class 8 Geography Syllabus, which students can also download in PDF format.

NCERT Syllabus Class 8 Geography – Download PDF

Topics and objectives of the NCERT Syllabus Class 8 Geography are provided in the table below. Also, the no. of periods required to finish a particular topic is mentioned in the table.



No. of Periods

Resources: resources and their types – natural and human. To know the meaning of resources their variety, location and distribution. 10
Natural resources: their distribution, utilisation and conservation, land and soil, water, natural vegetation, wildlife, mineral and power resources (world patterns with special reference to India). To understand the importance of resources in our life.

To appreciate the judicious use of resources for sustainable development.

To develop awareness towards resources conservation and take initiative towards conservation process.

Agriculture: types of farming, major crops, food crops, fibres, beverages, agricultural development – two case studies – one from India and the other from a developed country/a farm in the US/ Netherlands/ Australia. Learn about various types of farming and agricultural development in two different regions. 15
Industries: Classification of industries based on size, raw material, ownership; major industries and distribution; infrastructure and development.

Iron and Steel (a comparative study of Jamshedpur and a centre in USA e.g., Detroit).

Textile Industry (Ahmedabad and Osaka).

Information Technology (Bangalore and Silicon Valley).

To understand important forms of manufacturing industries. 14
Human Resources – composition, population change, distribution and density. To understand the role of human resources in the development of the nation’s economy. 12

Students can study all the topics mentioned in the syllabus from NCERT Class 8 Textbook of Geography.

Project/Activity for Class 8 Geography Subject

Below we have listed the project work and activities for students.

  • Observe and report about local agricultural practices, crops grown/manufacturing industries.
  • Collect information regarding some endangered plants and animal species of India.
  • Visit an industry/local agricultural farm.
  • Prepare a chart showing the difference between the lifestyle of farmers in the developed countries and India on the basis of pictures collected from magazines, newspapers and the internet.

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