CBSE Notes Class 8 Social Science

CBSE Notes for Class 8 Social Science introduce students to certain concepts of Social Science, which are later explained in-depth in higher classes. Hence, a student who has mastered all the concepts taught in CBSE Class 8 Social Science will find it easier to score good marks in the exams and perform well in higher classes. Here, for the convenience of the students, we have compiled the CBSE Class 8 Social Science Notes for the disciplines such as History, Geography and Civics. These CBSE Notes span all the Chapters across these branches of Social Science and cover all the major topics and concepts of Social Science.

Students can easily download the CBSE Class 8 Notes for Social Science from the links given in the table below from this article. Browse through the notes and get the desired marks in the exam.

CBSE Class 8 Social Science Notes

CBSE Class 8 History Notes
CBSE Class 8 Geography Notes
CBSE Class 8 Civics Notes

Benefits of Studying CBSE Class 8 Social Science Notes

  • Browsing through the notes helps students to revise the complete subject quickly
  • Notes cover all the main topics and concepts as listed in the chapters
  • Find simple and easy-to-understand explanations for the concepts covered in the notes
  • These notes are considered a useful resource to prepare effectively for the Class 8 exam
  • Reading up the notes helps students to understand which topic they need to focus more on

Frequently Asked Questions on CBSE Class 8 Social Science Notes


Is the CBSE Class 8 Social Science Geography difficult?

With constant practice and revision, any subject, including CBSE Class 8, can be very easy.


How should a student prepare for CBSE Class 8 Geography?

1. NCERT Syllabus

2. Practise previous year’s question papers

3. Revise using notes


How to score high marks in CBSE exams?

Constant practice and revision is the first step toward scoring high grades.


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