CBSE Important Questions for Class 9 Maths

CBSE Class 9 Maths Important Questions will help you score well in the class examinations and prepare for the upcoming board examinations. We have focused on preparing you for the CBSE Class 9 exam based on the latest syllabus. This article will brush up your mathematical skills and move you a step forward towards understanding the subject.

These CBSE Important Questions for Class 9 Maths give an idea about the questions that are likely to be asked in the board exams. Getting familiar with these will also help you face the exams more confidently. Along with CBSE Important Questions and solutions, each chapter is provided with additional questions for practice such that they act as the Maths Question Bank for Class 9. Hence, the important questions of CBSE Class 9 Maths will help the students to score good marks in the board exams.

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Chapter-wise CBSE Important Questions for Class 9 Maths are as follows:

Important Question Chapter 1 – Number System
Important Question Chapter 2 – Polynomial
Important Questions Chapter 3 – Coordinate Geometry
Important Questions Chapter 4 – Linear Equations in Two Variables
Important Questions Chapter 5 – Introduction to Euclid’s Geometry
Important Questions Chapter 6 – Lines and Angles
Important Questions Chapter 7 – Triangles
Important Questions Chapter 8 – Quadrilaterals
Important Questions Chapter 9 – Areas of Parallelograms
Important Questions Chapter 10 – Circles
Important Questions Chapter 11 – Constructions
Important Questions Chapter 12 – Heron’s Formula
Important Questions Chapter 13 – Surface Areas and Volumes
Important Questions Chapter 14 – Statistics
Important Questions Chapter 15 – Probability

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