Class 9 Maths MCQs

Class 9 Maths MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions) are provided here chapter-wise (from Chapter 1 to Chapter 15) with answers. Based on the NCERT curriculum and as per the latest CBSE syllabus, these MCQs are prepared. Practising these objective questions will guide students to have a quick revision for all the topics present in each chapter and prepare themselves for the final exams.

At BYJU’S, get important questions for class 9 Maths of all chapters and practice these questions as well, to increase your chances of scoring good marks in Maths examination.

Class 9 Maths MCQs – Chapterwise

Class 9 Maths Chapterwise MCQs are provided here online for 9th Standard students. Below are the direct links for particular chapters starting from 1 to 15. These multiple-choice questions consist of all the important concepts explained in the specific chapter, so that students can examine their level of preparation for exams.

These study materials will not only assist students to score good marks in the final exam but also perform extraordinarily in competitive examinations, like Maths olympiads, etc. Therefore, it is advised to students to practise all these MCQs with their own problem-solving techniques and cross-check with the given answers. Also, try to manage a time duration for each question.

Below is the list of chapter-wise MCQs on Class 9 Maths. Click on the appropriate link to get the MCQs with answers.

Class 9 Maths MCQs – Chapter-wise 
Chapter 1 Number System MCQs
Chapter 2 Polynomials MCQs
Chapter 3 Coordinate Geometry MCQs
Chapter 4 Linear Equations in Two Variables MCQs
Chapter 5 Introduction to Euclid’s Geometry MCQs
Chapter 6 Lines and Angles MCQs
Chapter 7 Triangles MCQs
Chapter 8 Quadrilaterals MCQs
Chapter 9 Area of Parallelogram and Triangles MCQs
Chapter 10 Circles MCQs
Chapter 11 Constructions MCQs
Chapter 12 Heron’s Formula MCQs
Chapter 13 Surface Area and Volumes MCQs
Chapter 14 Statistics MCQs
Chapter 15 Probability MCQs

In each chapter, a detailed explanation for all the questions along with the solutions is provided. Also, the downloadable PDF is provided in each chapter, which consists of practice questions with the answer key. Students should maintain time duration to solve the questions and they can cross verify their answers with the provided answer key. 

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