Square Root

The square root is an important function of principal mathematics, that was found and developed a long time ago. Its history originates from all across the world, spanning from Ancient Greece to Ancient India. The Square root meaning of a number can be simply be defined as a number that has an equivalent value to two numbers multiplied by themselves. The numbers are usually the same when multiplied with one another and the square root is the number taken from it.

To gain a better understanding of square roots, let us take an example as this will show us exactly how to find a square root of a number. Consider a number ‘a’ acting as the square root to a number ‘y’ such that y2 = a, where multiplying the number y with itself will lead to its square root (y.y). So, the square root formula is

Thus, y.y= y2 = a where ‘a’ is the square root for a number ‘y’
The square root symbol is also called as a radical symbol and is usually represented as ‘√’. To represent a number ‘x’ as a square root using this symbol can be written as:
‘ √x ‘ where x is the number itself.

Thus, this is an example of using a square root for a number. The square root of a number has many different properties and uses and functions. The square root function of a number that helps to map a set of non-negative real numbers onto itself. It is usually represented as:

f(x) = √x

It also has a whole list of other functions available such as in geometry, where one can easily map the area of a square to its side length. It also has a whole host of other interrelated mathematical functions and uses; such as its applications in finding out formulas for roots of quadratic integers, quadratic fields and quadratic equations.

Thus, the square root formula is an important section of mathematics that deals with many practical applications of mathematics and it also has its applications in other fields such as computing. Computation can simply be done using our personal calculators that have the square root function within them to get the square root of any number.

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