CBSE Sample Papers for Class 9 Maths

Mathematics is a subject that requires a lot of practice, even if you are well aware of concepts you need a good practice to engrave those concepts in your mind. For some, maths is a very interesting subject but some find themselves dreading this subject as it is purely based on numbers. One of the best ways to take out this math fear out of the mind is practice. CBSE Sample Papers for class 9 Maths is the best way for practicing and strengthening their concepts. It helps students to have a real-time experience of question paper pattern so that they can prepare accordingly.

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CBSE Sample Paper for class 9 Maths Set 1 Solution

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Practice different sets of Sample Paper to boost up your exam preparation. This way you will be able to improve your weaker sections be it algebra, probability, trigonometry or geometry. Also, practice important theorems and constructions so that you don’t miss out a single mark in all the theorem related questions. Check out marking scheme for class 9 maths chapter wise and prepare accordingly.

Marking Scheme of CBSE Class 9 Maths

First Term Units                                                                            Max. Marks -90

Unit Marks
I Number System 17
II Algebra 25
III Geometry 37
IV Co-ordinate Geometry 6
V Mensuration 5
  Total 90

Second Term Units

Unit Marks
II Algebra (contd.) 16
III Geometry (contd.) 38
V Mensuration (contd.) 18
VI Statistics 10
VII Probability 8
Total 90


Practise This Question

ABCD is a quadrilateral as shown below. AD=AB and CB=CD.

What can be said about quadilateral ABCD?