CBSE Class 9 Maths Sample Papers SA1

Math is an essential subject that is used in all fields. Students should practice more math questions on a regular basis to get familiar with each topic of the syllabus.

BYJU’S offers numerous sets of solved CBSE class 9 maths sample papers sa1. These question papers are designed mainly based on the summative assessment syllabus. CBSE class 9 maths question papers include both objective and subjective based questions along with the detailed marks for particular questions. These question papers are available on BYJU’S website for easy download. Students can easily download and take adequate help as per their requirement

The CBSE Class 9 Math Sample Papers SA1 for download and given in the links below: 


Practise This Question

In the figure below, lines AB and CD intersect each other at point O. The angle pairs ( AOD, COB) and ( AOC, BOD) are called ___.