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NCERT Solutions for Class 6 History Our Pasts-I – Free PDF Download

NCERT Solutions for Class 6 History are interesting and comprise a major part of CBSE Class 6 Social Science. Studying History requires patience and a deep understanding of the concepts. One of the best ways for the students to prepare for Class 6 History is to get acquainted with the perfect solutions. Often students consider history as a monotonous subject, which is mugged up even without clearing the queries. To solve the textbook questions effortlessly, students have to make use of a proper reference guide which contains authentic answers.

Learning these NCERT Solutions will help students build a proper foundation of the subject by clearing any doubts they may have. Since NCERT Solutions for Class 6 cover all the questions from the NCERT textbooks that are prescribed for the class, they are the best resources for students to study for the exams.

NCERT Solutions for Class 6 History Social Science

At BYJU’S, the highly experienced faculty design the NCERT Solutions based on the latest syllabus of the CBSE board. Referring to these solutions while answering the textbook questions will enable students with the ability to create accurate answers as per the questions that would come up in the exams. History contains a lot of events and dates which are important to remember. We, at BYJU’S, provide short-cut tips and tricks which can be used to remember the dates with ease.

The main aim of NCERT Solutions for Class 6 History from the CBSE textbook is to help students perform well in the exams. We have also provided the PDF download options for the respective chapters from the links given below.

Here, we are providing the solutions to all the Chapters of NCERT Class 6 Textbook of Social Science for the students. By clicking on the links given above, students can view the solutions for each chapter on History. Students can score better marks by referring to these solutions while preparing for the exams.

NCERT Solutions Class 6 History Chapters Overview

Chapter 1: What, Where, How and When?

In Chapter 1, students will understand the ways through which we can study our past. The chapter further explains that by observing the places, dates, and books, we can find out a variety of information about our history and the lifestyle of the people in ancient times.

Chapter 2: From Hunting – Gathering to Growing Food

Chapter 2 starts with Tushar’s train journey, where he gets to know from his uncle that trains were first used about 150 years ago. People began using buses a few decades later. Then a question arises in his mind as to how people travelled in the past. Did they spend their entire lives wherever they were born? This chapter provides the answers to these questions by explaining the topics in detail.

Chapter 3: In the Earliest Cities

This chapter starts with the story of Harappa. It describes the houses, drains and streets of Harappa. It further explains the Harappan city, new crafts, raw materials and food for the people in the city. In the end, the chapter describes the Harappan towns in Gujarat and the mystery that led to the end of the Harappan civilisation.

Chapter 4: What Books and Burials Tell Us

The chapter begins with the types of Vedas we have and their descriptions. It explains in detail how historians study Rigveda. It uses the incident of the cattle, horses, chariots and different groups of people to know about Rigveda. The chapter further describes the story of the megaliths and, in the end, about Inamgaon.

Chapter 5: Kingdoms, Kings and an Early Republic

The chapter helps students understand how some men became rulers. The chapter describes in detail janapadas, mahajanapadas, taxes, changes in agriculture around the time of mahajanapadas, how Magadha became the most important mahajanapada and, in the end, a close look at the Vajji.

Chapter 6: New Questions and Ideas

The chapter starts with the story of the Buddha and goes on to explain the Upanishads, Jainism, The Sangha, and monasteries in detail. The exercise contains 8 questions, and students can find the answers to all of them in the solutions.

Chapter 7: Ashoka The Emperor Who Gave Up War

In Chapter 7, students will learn about Emperor Ashoka and his empire. The chapter further explains how empires were different from kingdoms. It describes how Ashoka was a unique ruler, Ashoka’s war in Kalinga and Ashoka’s dhamma.

Chapter 8: Vital Villages, Thriving Towns

This chapter explains iron tools and agriculture, steps to increase production, and the lifestyle of the people living in villages. Students will also know the stories, travellers, sculptures and archaeology of cities. By reading this chapter, they will understand that wealth was measured in terms of coins. The chapter ends with a closer look at Arikamedu.

Chapter 9: Traders Kings and Pilgrims

Chapter 9 helps in understanding the trade and traders, new kingdoms along the coasts, the story of the Silk Route, the spread of Buddhism, the quest of the pilgrims and the beginning of Bhakti. The exercise contains 8 questions, and the answers to them are provided in the solutions PDF.

Chapter 10: New Empires and Kingdoms

In this chapter, students will learn about Samudragupta’s Prashasti, Genealogies, Harshavardhana and the Harshacharita, the Pallavas, Chalukyas and Pulakeshin’s Prashasti kingdom. The chapter also explains how these kingdoms were administered, assemblies in the southern kingdoms and ordinary people in the kingdoms.

Chapter 11: Buildings, Paints and Books

The last chapter deals with the building, paintings and books of the ancient time. In this chapter, students will learn about the iron pillar, buildings, brick and stone, stupas and temples, paintings and books. The exercise contains 8 questions, and answers to all are provided in the solutions.

Apart from the solutions, there are other NCERT resources for the students, which will help them prepare better for the exam. These resources include CBSE Sample Papers for Class 6, syllabus and more.
Students can refer to the following materials on NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Social Science at BYJU’S.

Frequently Asked Questions on NCERT Solutions for Class 6 History

Which are the chapters of NCERT Solutions for Class 6 History that are crucial to prepare for the board exam?

NCERT Solutions for Class 6 History contains 11 chapters in total, and all of them are important while preparing for the exam. Although a few chapters have a higher weightage of marks when compared to others, approach your subject teacher to know more details in this regard. Knowing this information can also help you improve your overall score in the Class 6 exam. To encourage a concept-based learning approach, subject experts at BYJU’S have curated the NCERT Solutions comprising all the answers to questions present in NCERT textbooks.

How do NCERT Solutions for Class 6 History PDFs help students to prepare for exams?

The NCERT Solutions of BYJU’S are available in PDF format with a free download option. These solutions are further categorised subject-wise and chapter-wise for easy accessibility. All the solutions are created as per the CBSE syllabus by individual subject experts making it more reliable for their exam preparations. For students who often fail to keep track of the topics taught during class hours, this resource can help them to grasp concepts quickly and also to get a clear view of all the key topics.

How can I utilise the NCERT Solutions for Class 6 History to start learning the main topics of the prescribed syllabus?

Picking the correct study material is a challenging task for most students of the CBSE board, as there are a lot of resources available in the market. But first, a Class 6 student must have a clear picture of the NCERT Syllabus, which can be accessed from the official website for the academic year. Later, students can sort the high-priority topics and start preparations by dedicating more time to those topics. It’s suggested that students complete their exam preparations a week or two before the exam so that the revision becomes easier.

Where can students find the chapter-wise answers of the NCERT Solutions for Class 6 History?

Students can easily access the chapter-wise solutions of Class 6 History from the prompt links provided on BYJU’S. Further, students will be able to download the solutions PDF for free by clicking on those links. These chapter-wise solutions can be utilised while learning the answers to the questions present in the NCERT textbook. All the answers are created keeping in mind the understanding capacity of Class 6 students.

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