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The IAS toppers serve as an inspiration to thousands of young people who aspire to clear the Civil Services Exam. In this comprehensive article on UPSC IAS Toppers, you can find the information listed below (click on the links below to directly read the specific section).

  1. Videos of IAS Toppers
  2. Yearwise List of IAS Toppers (Marks + Optionals)
  3. Strategy & Preparation Tips from IAS Toppers

IAS Topper 2021 – Will be declared in 2022
IAS Topper 2020 – Will be declared in 2021 [Once IAS interview is over]

The UPSC civil services exam is one of the most competitive exams conducted in India. It is attempted by lakhs of candidates every year. However, only a fraction of those come out with flying colours in the end. Clearing this exam gives an entry into the prestigious civil services of the country. As soon as the IAS results are announced, the UPSC toppers gain limelight in the country. Pradeep Singh became the IAS Topper of the Civil Services Examination 2019. The UPSC Final Results 2019 were declared on 4th August 2020, and the final result 2020 shall release by July 2021.

829 candidates have been recommended to the services this time. The IAS toppers 2019 come from different backgrounds. There are engineers, arts graduates, doctors, teachers, etc.

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Check marks scored by IAS Toppers, cut-off and answer-key from the links below:

The IAS topper 2018 who secured all India rank 1, Kanishak Kataria scored a total of 1121 marks out of 2025 giving him a percentage of 55.36%. The second ranker Akshat Jain secured 53.33% while third rank-holder Junaid Ahmad scored 53.18%.

Check out the total marks of the IAS toppers 2018 and also download the UPSC Marksheet 2018 here.

IAS Topper Videos

Candidates can watch the videos below to get insights into the strategies of Shrestha Anupam (AIR 19 CSE 2019), Ms Saumya Sharma which helped her clear the IAS Exam in the 1st attempt itself and Ms Khushboo Gupta (AIR 80).

List of UPSC IAS Toppers – Yearwise

UPSC Examination takes place in three stages:

  1. Preliminary
  2. Mains
  3. Interview

To understand the IAS Exam better, Candidates may also check the linked article.

Find below the names of top three UPSC toppers of various years:

UPSC Toppers
(Year) IAS Topper Rank 1 IAS Topper Rank 2 IAS Topper Rank 3
UPSC Toppers 2020 To Be Announced To Be Announced To Be Announced
UPSC Toppers 2019 Pradeep Singh Jatin Kishore Pratibha Verma
UPSC Toppers 2018 Kanishak Kataria Akshat Jain Junaid Ahmad
UPSC Toppers 2017 Anudeep Durishetty Anu Kumari Sachin Gupta
UPSC Toppers 2016 Nandini K R Anmol Sher Singh Bedi Gopalakrishna Ronanki
UPSC Toppers 2015 Tina Dabi Athar Aamir Ul Shafi Khan Jasmeet Singh Sandhu
UPSC Toppers 2014 Ira Singhal Renu Raj Nidhi Gupta
UPSC Toppers 2013 Gaurav Agrawal Munish Sharma Rachit Raj

Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) releases the final list of UPSC toppers who clear the IAS exam in the month of April/May usually. However, UPSC Final Result 2019 has been declared in August 2020 following the delay in IAS Interviews amid COVID-19 crisis.

IAS Toppers List (AIR:1)

  1. IAS Topper 2019 – Pradeep Singh
  2. IAS Topper 2018 – Kanishak Kataria
  3. IAS Topper 2017 – Anudeep Durishetty
  4. IAS Topper 2016 – Nandini K.R.
  5. IAS Topper 2015 – Tina Dabi
  6. IAS Topper 2014 – Ira Singhal

The Year-Wise UPSC toppers details are given below:

IAS Topper 2020

The Civil Services Examination is an annually conducted exam and it takes around an year for the entire recruitment process to complete. The result and the IAS Toppers for the UPSC CSE 2020 recruitment is tentatively expected to release by July 2021.
Similarly, candidates applying for UPSC 2021 can expect the result and list of IAS toppers to be released by mid-2022. For information about the upcoming recruitment, aspirants can visit the linked article.

IAS Topper 2019

UPSC 2019 Mains were held from 20th September 2019 onward. The IAS Interview took place in the months of February, March and July 2020.
Aspirants can check the top 10 in the IAS Toppers List of 2019 below:

IAS Toppers 2019
Rank UPSC Toppers Name
1 Pradeep Singh
2 Jatin Kishore
3 Pratibha Verma
4 Himanshu Jain
5 Jeydev C S
6 Vishakha Yadav
7 Ganesh Kumar Baskar
8 Abhishek Saraf
9 Ravi Jain
10 Sanjita Mohapatra

IAS Toppers 2018

UPSC 2018 Mains were held from 28 September 2018 to 07 October 2018. The UPSC Interview rounds commenced on 11 February 2019 and were concluded on 29 March 2019. The IAS 2018 result was announced on 05 April 2019.

Aspirants can check IAS Toppers List of 2018 below:

IAS Toppers 2018
S.No Roll Number UPSC Toppers Name
1. 1133664 Kanishak Kataria
2. 1104407 Akshat Jain
3. 0863589 Junaid Ahmad
4. 0856837 Shreyansh Kumat
5. 0404032 Shruti Jayant Deshmukh
6. 1705594 Shubham Gupta
7. 6314286 Karnati Varunreddy
8. 6413775 Vaishali Singh
9. 2630204 Gunjan Dwivedi
10. 0879888 Tanmay Vashishta Sharma
11. 0804005 Pujya Priyadarshini
12. 0852762 Namrata Jain
13. 7700978 Varnit Negi
14. 0860706 Ankita Choudhary
15. 5202813 Atirag Chaplot
16. 6610836 Dhodmise Trupati Ankush
17. 0309781 Rahul Sharanappa Sankanur
18. 0815221 Rishita Gupta
19. 3511797 Harpreet Singh
20. 0817096 Chitra Mishra
21. 7810279 Rahul Jain
22. 0887796 Deeksha Jain
23. 1225007 Rishabh C A
24. 2617099 Anuraj Jain
25. 6609091 Gondane Vaibhav Sunil
26. 0812456 Himanshu Nagpal
27. 0808475 Salonki Khemka
28. 6307513 Kajal Jawla
29. 1913742 Shreelakshmi R
30. 1028758 Saumya Gururani
31. 6401103 Mainak Ghosh
32. 5808674 Sameer Sourabh
33. 0852586 Awhale Manish Manikrao
34. 0868106 Ankit
35. 0855899 Minal Karanwal
36. 6408159 Deepesh Khedia

The list of IAS toppers 2018 with their optional subjects is given below:

Rank UPSC Toppers Name Optional Subject
1 Kanishak Kataria Mathematics
2 Akshat Jain Anthropology
3 Junaid Ahmad Geography
4 Shreyans Kumat Anthropology
5 Srushti Jayant Deshmukh Sociology
6 Shubham Gupta Law
7 Karnati Varun Reddy Mathematics
8 Vaishali Singh Law
9 Gunjan Dwivedi Political Science
10 Tanmay Vashistha Sharma Mathematics

Mathematics features thrice in the list above. Know more about the mathematics optional from another UPSC topper who had maths as the optional. In the linked article, Utsav Kaushal shares his strategy for the mathematics optional.

IAS Toppers 2017

UPSC 2017 Mains were held from 28 October 2017 to 03 November 2017. The UPSC Interview rounds commenced on 19 February 2018 and were concluded on 25 April 2019. The IAS 2017 result was announced on 21 December 2018.

Aspirants can check IAS Toppers List 2017 below:

IAS Toppers 2017
Rank UPSC Toppers Name Optional
1 Anudeep Durishetty Anthropology
2 Anu Kumari Sociology
3 Sachin Gupta Anthropology
4 Atul Prakash Mathematics
5 Pratham Kaushik Geography
6 Koya Sree Harsha Anthropology
7 Ayush Sinha Geography
8 Anubhav Singh Mathematics
9 Saumya Sharma Law
10 Abhishek Surana Physics

Also check the marks obtained by Top 10 toppers of IAS 2017 exam in the table:

IAS Toppers 2017
UPSC Toppers Rank Roll Number UPSC Toppers Name Comm PH_CAT Written Test Personality Test Total
1. 0156266 Durishetty Anudeep 3 0 950 176 1126
2. 0048547 Anu Kumari 4 0 937 187 1124
3. 0587709 Sachin Gupta 4 0 946 176 1122
4. 0165049 Atul Prakash 4 0 929 190 1119
5. 0001574 Pratham Kaushik 4 0 974 143 1117
6. 0022544 Koya Sree Harsha 4 0 962 154 1116
7. 0122050 Ayush Sinha 4 0 964 151 1115
8. 0464321 Anubhav Singh 3 0 945 165 110
9. 0003674 Saumya Sharma 4 0 943 165 1108
10. 0022697 Abhishek Surana 4 0 932 173 1105

Candidates become IAS toppers by using some time-tested techniques and tips in their IAS preparation. In the next table, we have compiled tips and strategies of a few UPSC toppers for IAS aspirants to take a cue from.

IAS Toppers 2016

UPSC 2016 Mains were held from 03 December 2016 to 09 December 2016. The UPSC Interview rounds commenced on 20 March 2017. The UPSC IAS 2016 result was announced on 01 June 2017.

See the list of UPSC IAS Toppers 2016 below along with their optional subjects.

IAS Toppers 2016
Rank UPSC Toppers Name Optional
1 Nandini K R Kannada Literature
2 Anmol Sher Singh Bedi Political Science
3 Gopalakrishna Ronanki Telugu Literature
4 Saumya Pandey Geography
5 Abhilash Mishra Public Administration
6 Kothamasu Dinesh Kumar Political Science
7 Anand Vardhan Political Science
8 Shweta Chauhan Geography
9 Suman Sourav Mohanty Public Administration
10 Bilal Mohi Ud Din Bhat Veterinary Science

IAS Toppers 2015

UPSC 2015 Mains were held from 08 December 2015 to 23 December 2015. The UPSC Interview rounds commenced on 08 March 2016. The UPSC IAS 2015 result was announced on 10 May 2016.

See the list of UPSC Toppers 2015 below along with their optional subjects:

IAS Toppers 2015
Rank UPSC Toppers Name Optional Subject
1 Tina Dabi Political Science
2 Athar Aamir Ul Shafi Khan Philosophy
3 Jasmeet Singh Sandhu Punjabi Literature
4 Artika Shukla Medical Science
5 Shashank Tripathi Sanskrit
6 Ashish Tiwari Public Administration
7 Sharanya Ari Sociology
8 Yogesh Kumbhejkar Mathematics
9 Karn Satyarthi Political Science
10 Anupam Shukla Physics
11 Anurag Chander Sharma Sociology
12 Ashish Sangwan Mathematics
13 Siddharth Jain Mathematics
14 Kirthi Chekuri Anthropology
15 Pratap Singh Mathematics
16 Shrikrishnanath B Panchal Medical Science
17 Amit Pal Punjabi Literature
18 Anshul Gupta History
19 Sweta Agarwal Sociology
20 Vipin Garg Medical Science

IAS Toppers 2014

UPSC IAS 2014 Mains were held from 14 December 2014 to 20 December 2014. The UPSC IAS 2014 result was announced on 04 July 2015.

See the list of UPSC IAS Toppers 2014 below along with their optional subjects:

IAS Toppers 2014
Rank UPSC Toppers Name Optional Subject
1 Ira Singhal Geography
2 Renu Raj Malayalam Literature
3 Nidhi Gupta Physics
4 Vandana Rao Sociology
5 Suharsha Bhagat Geography
6 Charusree Thiagarajan Geography
7 Lok Bandhu Yadav Sociology
8 Nitish K Mathematics
9 Ashish Kumar Electrical Engineering
10 Arvind Singh Sociology
11 Sanskriti Jain Philosophy
12 Neelabh Saxena Electrical Engineering
13 Nishant Jain Hindi Literature
14 Saketa Raja Musinipally Law
15 Abhijeet Kaplish Sociology
16 Ananya Das Political Science
17 Ajay Kumar Dwivedi
18 C M Saikanth Varma Mathematics
19 Aditya Uppal Geography
20 Aman Mittal Electrical Engineering

IAS Toppers 2013

UPSC IAS 2013 Mains were held from 01 December 2013 to 05 December 2013. The UPSC IAS 2013 result was announced on 12 June 2014.

See the list of UPSC IAS Toppers 2013 below along with their optional subjects:

IAS Toppers 2013
Rank UPSC Toppers Name Optional Subject Service Opted
1 Gaurav Agrawal Economics IAS
2 Munish Sharma Law IAS
3 Rachit Raj Zoology IAS
4 Akshay Tripathi Mechanical Engineering IAS
5 Bharti Dixit Medical Science IAS
6 Sakshi Sawhney Law IAS
7 Chanchal Rana Geography IAS
8 Johny Tom Varghese Sociology IAS
9 Divyanshu Jha Physics IAS
10 Medha Roopam Psychology IAS
11 Shubham Chaudhary Economics IAS
12 Neha jain Sociology IAS
13 Avi Prasad Law IAS
14 Vipin Vithoba Itankar Medical Science IAS
15 Ashish Vashishth Civil Engineering IAS
16 Chinmayee Gopal Economics IAS
17 Faiz Aq Ahmed Mumtaz History IAS
18 Roman Saini Medical Science IAS
19 Komal Mittal Commerce & Accountancy IAS
20 Saket Malviya Economics IAS
21 Prashasti Pareek Geography IAS
22 Sheetla Patle Philosophy IAS
23 Prabhav Joshi Psychology IAS
24 Neha Yadav Sociology IFS
25 Gurudatta Hegde Kannada Literature IAS

Preparation Tips & Strategy by IAS Toppers

Aspirants can check the next table containing the links to the biographies (background, marks, preparation journey) of the IAS Toppers 2018:

Did you know that even not-so-popular subjects such as Botany can fetch you a high score if you have good interest and knowledge in it? Going through a lot of IAS Topper notes can help you understand the exam better. Read the story of UPSC topper Dibya Jyoti Parida, who secured an amazing rank of 26 in the CSE 2015 with Botany optional.

IAS Success with Hindi Medium: Gaurav Singh Sogarwal

The Amazing Story of Sreedhanya Suresh, the First Kerala Tribal Woman to Clear IAS

Meet 2016 IAS Topper Nandini K.R.

Meet UPSC 2017 topper Anudeep Durishetty

Ira Singhal: A Success Story in UPSC Civil Services

UPSC 2017 Results: Anu Kumari gets 2nd Rank in 2nd Attempt

IAS Toppers who cleared in First Attempt

Aspirants can read more IAS Success Stories at the linked article.

Reading the success stories of UPSC toppers can surely inspire and propel you to work towards realising your goals. Anybody can clear the IAS, provided they put in the right effort in the right direction. Even without a fancy education, and the comforts that money can buy, one can achieve UPSC success. The heartwarming story of Muhammad Ali Shihab is a testimony to it.

9 Golden Tips from IAS Toppers

Don’t mug up anything. Be strong in your basics, read NCERTs. [Ira Singhal – AIR 1, 2014] Every topic in every subject must be revised at least three times. What is studied in a week must be revised in the very next week. [Tina Dabi – 1, 2015] Instead of reading many books for a single topic read one book many times. [Nandini K R – 1, 2016]
Mock papers work wonders for you. Do practice them. [Renu Raj – 2, 2014] In the essay paper, cut down on excessive idioms, metaphors and flowery language. Keep it simple. [Nikhil B – 107, 2016] On NCERTs: These books are lucidly written and provide a foundation for any subject. Only after clearing one’s basics does it make sense to refer to advanced books. [Kanishak Kataria – 1, 2018]
On medium of exam: If you are confident enough to articulate your thoughts, then no one can hinder your success. No language is superior or inferior. [Govind Jaiswal – 48, 2006] Learn from your mistakes, enjoy the preparation process, and put in your heart and soul into it. [Dinesh Kumar C – 24, 2016] On interview: Don’t argue with the UPSC interview chairman, and take his questions very seriously. [Akash P – 63, 2013]

Did you know?

The average age of UPSC toppers is about 26 years. Read more about the average age of UPSC toppers in the linked article.

Aspirants can find the blogs of IAS Toppers from past years to learn more about their preparation strategy and tips for success in the Civil Services Exam.  (Just copy the blog address in the browser – new tab)

IAS Topper Blog
Tina Dabi (AIR 1, CSE 2015) tinadabi.wordpress.com/
Ira Singhal (AIR 1, CSE 2014) irasinghal.blogspot.in/
Renu Raj (AIR 2, CSE 2014) ghatotkacha-nair.blogspot.in/
Nitish K (AIR 8, CSE 2014) nitishhebbar.wordpress.com/2015/07/23/about-this-blog/
Ashish Kumar (AIR 9, CSE 2014) billano786.wordpress.com/about/
Nishant Jain (AIR 13, CSE 2014) nishantjainias.blogspot.in/
Gaurav Agrawal (AIR 1, CSE 2013) thesupermanreturns.wordpress.com/
Divyanshu Jha (AIR 9, CSE 2013) jhinujha.wordpress.com/
Sriram V (AIR 2, CSE 2012) sriramv.wordpress.com/
Divya Mittal (AIR 68, CSE 2012) divya-mittal.blogspot.in/
Shweta Mohanty (AIR 2, CSE 2011) scraps.oriyaonline.com/blog/tag/shweta-mohanty/
Prakash Rajpurohit (AIR 2, CSE 2010) prakashrajpurohit.wordpress.com/
Anay Dwivedi (AIR 5, CSE 2010) anaydwivedi.wordpress.com/
Tanvi Sundriyal (AIR 6, CSE 2010) thecivilservicesdream.blogspot.in/
Garima Mittal (AIR 8, CSE 2010) garima-mittal-ias.blogspot.in/
Prabhjot Singh (AIR 16, CSE 2010) prabhjotsinghgujral.blogspot.in/
Ghanshyam Thori (AIR 25, CSE 2010) ghanshyamthori.blogspot.in/
Abhijeet Aggarwal (AIR 24, CSE 2009) abhijeetagrawal.blogspot.in/

Check our Get Inspired page for more articles on IAS Toppers.

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