NCERT Notes: History Of Medieval India Notes For UPSC 2019

History is one of the most important subjects for the IAS Exam. Indian History for in the IAS Exam is a very vast subject covering the following topics:

  • Ancient Indian History
  • Medieval Indian History
  • Modern Indian History

The UPSC Syllabus covers history in both Prelims and Mains. The History topics are closely related to Heritage and Culture, particularly when studying History for IAS. The following are the important topics to study from Medieval Indian History:

  • North Indian Kingdoms
  • Kingdoms of the Deccan
  • Delhi Sultanate
  • Islamic Kingdoms in India
  • Vijayanagara Empire
  • Bhakti and Other Cultural & Religious Movements
  • Mughal and Sur rule and the Arrival of Europeans

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Medieval History of India Notes


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The most important source of History for UPSC are NCERT Books. Aspirants should read History from NCERT Books for UPSC to prepare for the IAS Exam. Taking notes is an efficient way to organise your study material for revision. Though taking notes is advisable, UPSC Candidates often find it difficult to find the right topics to focus on or may not have the time or resources at hand to take efficient notes. With this in mind, we at BYJU’S have developed a compilation of NCERT Notes for UPSC. This page compiles all the NCERT Notes for Medieval Indian History for UPSC for ease of use by IAS aspirants.

These notes cover all the major History Topics for IAS from the medieval era till the arrival of Europeans and the rise of major challenges to Mughal rule during the late seventeenth century. Candidates should use these notes along with NCERT Books for UPSC to cover the complete UPSC Syllabus for Medieval India.

Studying Indian History requires a thorough understanding of the chronology of events in Indian History. Based on this foundation, aspirants should build up knowledge on various aspects of history such as economic history, administrative history and cultural impact of historical events apart from political history. This becomes even more important while studying Medieval Indian History as events and economic systems from the medieval period still influence many cultural and economic patterns today and also build a base on which to study Modern Indian History.

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