Answer Writing Practice

UPSC Mains Answer Writing Practice

Answer writing is a continuous exercise that is an inalienable part of the preparation process for the Civil Services Examination. A well-written answer not only reflects the knowledge of an aspirant but also his/her ability to tailor the content in a manner suited to meet the expectations of the question.

Somehow, this is easier said than done. Many questions abound in the minds of students, for example: How does one pick and choose which points to include in an answer and which to leave out? What does a good answer look like? , etc.

Answer Writing Practice for IAS Mains

We at the BYJU’S IAS team have realised that despite going through the content for various subjects, students still face a challenge in terms of putting pen to paper and writing down the points in a manner most fitting the expectations of a UPSC answer.

Keeping this in mind, we have realised the need to publish some of the best answers written by students across the country in response to the subjective type questions we share with them. It is strongly believed that aspirants and readers alike would get a hands-on feel of what some of the best answers would actually look like on paper. Further, this initiative dovetails well our larger idea of empowering our students towards writing better answers for the Mains examination. We sincerely hope that this initiative will go a long way towards helping our students achieve success in this examination.  

How this initiative will help you?

  • Get to know what other aspirants across the country are writing in terms of answers that meet the expectations of the questions.
  • Get to know your own level of preparedness with respect to the Civil Services Examination.
  • Get further inspired towards writing better answers and improving your own answer writing skill
  • Understand the different nuances between the various operative words for example: “Critically Analyze”, “Discuss”, “Elucidate”, etc.
  • Realizing a critical point that a “well-filled” answer isn’t the same as a “well-formed” answer.
  • Understanding the different narratives that a GS answer and Essay papers often need so as to invite high marks from the examiner

Sample Answers for UPSC Mains

Answer script for UPSC Mains PDF

Answer script for International Relations questions PDF

Answer script for India-China relations PDF

Answer script for Artificial Intelligence PDF

Answer scripts for lateral entry, tribal rights and open data policy PDF

Answer scripts for Maulana Abul Kalam, Ponzi schemes and DSI technology PDF

Answer script for Continental Drift Theory PDF

Answer scripts for Continental Drift Theory PDF

Answer scripts for Speaker PDF

Answer scripts for Tourism in India

Answer scripts for Presidential form of government

Answer scripts for Agrarian crisis and other answers

Answer script for Digitization and other answers

Answer scripts for Cyber Physical System and other answers PDF

Answer script for Geography PDF

Answer script for Soil erosion PDF

Answer script for agrarian crisis & other answers

Answer script for Essay PDF

Answer script for Governance PDF

Answer script for public sector questions PDF

Answer script for corruption questions PDF

Answer script for technology and other questions PDF

Answer scripts for DPSPs and other answers PDF

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